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GotGinch = 2 guys, 1 RV, 35,000 pairs of ginch delivered to 10 rescue missions from Vancouver to Halifax

Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission is the final stop in a cross-country odyssey by two philanthropists and entrepreneurs. Brent King and Robb Price hit the road and are driving over 7,000 kms from Vancouver to Halifax in an RV packed with 35,000 pairs of ginch (men’s underwear) to give away at rescue missions coast to coast.

Wednesday October 5 2011

Venue: Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission
Address: 5568 Cunard Street
Cost: Free Coffee Break!
Accessibility: Event will be held outside. 3 stairs to the Drop In Centre for tours.

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In 2008 Brent, the Underwear King, was inspired by the asking of a question to a homeless man: "What do you need?”  The response was a simple one – underwear.   King hopes to inspire Canadians to take action by finding creative ways to solve everyday problems.


  • Brent King & Robb Price wrap up after a week of Canada-wide interviews.  King is the inventor of the SPIDER,  an award winning and revolutionary medical device.
  • Price is the founder of, a free online tool that matches charities and non profits with people and companies who have goods to give away.
  • Rev Ken & Michelle Porter, Founding Directors and visionaries of Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission, can talk about why they began this new ministry to the poor of Halifax.
  • HRM service providers are invited to participate in this event, and share the ginch bounty.
  • Men who will receive the underwear have been invited to attend.


For more information:


Organizer:Michelle Porter (902) 999-5572

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To RESCUE people from poverty, addiction and despair, by offering emergency help, such as food, clothing and shelter, life changing recovery programs, and the Gospel Message.

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