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CKUT 90.3fm: Noam Chomsky on Nelson Mandela's Death and Legacy

CKUT's Cecilia MacArthur speaks with Chomsky about Mandela's legacy and how it can inform present-day anti-colonial struggles

by Cecilia MacArthur

Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky

The world is mourning and celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela, who passed away in South Africa last week at the age of 95. CKUT's Cecilia MacArthur speaks to linguist, political commentator, and activist Noam Chomsky about Mandela's life and legacy. Chomsky explores Mandela as a controversial figure, looking at the problems with mass media's portrayal of him and explaining how we can use his legacy to fight colonialism and apartheid today.

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Good job CKUT and Media co-op

Good job CKUT and Media co-op for getting Chomsky's view.

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