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GroundWire 2013 Year in Review

by GroundWire and CJSF

GroundWire 2013 Year in Review

This 2013 Year in Review episode of GroundWire was produced on Coast Salish Territories at CJSF in Burnaby, BC by Frieda Werden and Selina Wall


Snowden, NSA, and Canada | Frieda Werden, CJSF

Supreme Court curtails police impunity | Dawn Paley, The Media Coop

CBC and Bill C-60 – broadcaster independence at risk | Frieda Werden, CJSF


Review of Groundwire Resource Extraction Coverage in 2013: Line 9 Blockade pipeline protest (Carly Forbes, CFRU); mining in Kamloops – Ajax mine protest (Chris Albinati, CFBX); Mikmak fracking protests in New Brunswick (Carly Forbes, CILU)

Supreme Court of Canada strikes down laws criminalizing sex work | Frieda Werden CJSF and Carly Forbes, CFRU

Resonating Reconciliation series produced by NCRA stations | Janet Rogers CFUV, Frieda Werden CJSF


Pitch to the next episode of GroundWire being produced on Fort Williams First Nations Territory at CILU in Thunder Bay, ON by emailing

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