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GroundWire December 18th

Durban 2011, Homelessness Marathon & update on Guelph Compassionate Club Raid

by GroundWire ProductionCKUT

GroundWire December 18th

This episode of GroundWire was produced by Leanne Arnison on traditional Mohawk territory at CKUT in Montreal, QC


Occupy Vancouver Port | Joel Barde

Abousfian Abdelrazik | Ray Corkum, ckut

Community Radio Report:

Homelessness Marathon | Aaron Lakoff, ckut


Cris Derkson | "Smile at me"


Climate change conference in Durban | Verena Uttner, ckut

Drugs, raid on Guelph compassion club, and police misconduct -- Scott Gilbert, Director of the Hamilton Medical Marijuana Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, updates us on what has happened since the raid within Guelph, Ontario last year | MaryCarl Guiao, cfru

Canada's failure to regulate environmental standards on Metro's Iona Sewage Facility | Leanne Arnison, ckut

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