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Hayseed Magazine

Calgary Sprouts New Arts Publication

by Tanner Christmas

Hayseed Mag
Hayseed Mag
Hayseed Submissions
Hayseed Submissions


What is the Hayseed magazine? 


So, how it all started really was back a couple years ago with a good buddy of mine. We had been talking about it for years, right. We just always wanted to start something that people would look up to and realize, "Oh, that's going on." So, later on we were sitting around smoking weed and being bums, you know, and we were finally sick of it and decided to take action and finally do it. Get up on our feet and not be lazy stoners. That's basically how it came to be. It's just for the love of it. 


You had been aware of similar media, and wished to reclaim it?


Ya, I really want to show people another side. I know other people are doing it, but I'd really love to get involved because there's something going on in Calgary, it's brewing underneath the concrete and it's coming up soon, and I'd like to be a part of that. 


So, what for example, do you want to cover?


We're focusing on the arts and touching on the culture side. 


Can you describe the whole process from the idea until now? 


Well, I can say I've learned a lot and it's been great, really humbling actually. I love it. I've become obsessed and I love that. It's great, I'm working on it every day, and I just want to show that kind of passion to everyone else. I have been meeting people that have been passionated about it because I'm portraying that. It's awesome and they want to help out. I love Calgary for that. 


Who has contributed? 


Well, it's really like, how I feel about, is when I was growing up, I always wanted to get my art out there and I had no way of doing it. I didn't know how to start. I got sick of it and finally started this up and I just want a way for people in their basements that are confused of what to do - want to get their art out there and don't know where to start - because I've been there, I want to provide the pallet for everyone. 


Who, for example, is involved in the first issue? 


Ben Arcega, he's a really good guy, he's a really great artist, he has great ideas, I've never seen anything like his work, and that's kind of what I'm looking for. 


How will the magazine impact local arts in the long-run?


I really just hope it inspires people to become involved in a project rather than doing what I was doing, sitting around. I think too, for a community to grow, you need to get more people involved and passionate about it. 


How do you see Calgary culturally? 


It's so diverse that you can hit so many different niches of people just with one magazine. There are those close-minded people out there. I hope that everyone can shatter their minds eventually. 


When is the first issue released?


We are going to release it in the last week of October, and we are working on having a release party. We still haven't figured out the venue, but it will be on November 7, which is a Thursday. 


How many people are contributing to the whole magazine?


Right now we have six artists - I'm working on getting some more. All local to Southern Alberta, mostly Calgary. We have a few poets. That makes eight. We have a few people contributing photography - so there's ten. Two other people on my team. 12 people so far, hopefully get in. I've decided to make it full colour. 


This is all independently run?




Where will you be distributing? 


I'm hoping just to get into local bookstores, coffee shops, bars, new stands. I was thinking about building little picket newspaper beside the Calgary sun ones and just sticking it there, see how long it lasts, we'll see.



NOTE: This podcast was produced in partnership with and the Arusha Centre with the Calgary Working Group initiative to establish a new local of The Media Co-op in Calgary

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