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Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP: G20 Report goes easy on the JIG

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Last year I requested the documents from the CPC-RCMP regarding the G20 summit to try and figure out how they were processing the complaints against the RCMP and why the G20 cops got off scott free. What I got back was this huge file including presentations from the G20ISU-JIG, as well as interviews with the head of the G8-G20ISU-JIG Rod McCann and others involved with the G8G20ISU. I've skimmed the doucments, but the main takeaways that I get from these documents are the following:

  • The Commission for Public Complaints is very much in bed with the RCMP: The atmosphere between the investigators and those being investigated appears to be a rather cordial one like they're friends and the fact that the RCMP knows that this is a bullshit formality
  • Due to the nature of the police force that was brought in for the G20, the complaints were dispersed to the various police forces involved, absolving the RCMP of any responsibility whatsoever for what happened on the street.
  • Apparently there was a complaint of someone's employment being disrupted, but I haven't seen that complaint included.

Overall, the CPC was very supportive of the RCMP and was generally useless to the public. I'm not sure why this complaints commission even exists except to give a false vision of accountability to the RCMP. As usual, the files are below and people are free to go through them and use them as a source for their material.

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