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Press Release: Road to Hope (R2H) Convoy in Positive Dialogue with Egyptian Officials

1 November 2010           
Road to Hope (R2H) Convoy in Positive Dialogue with Egyptian Officials
Access to Gaza via Egypt looking likely

Arriving at the Libyan/Egyptian border on 26 November, 2010, the Road to Hope Convoy continues to wait at the border.   However, over the last two days increasingly positive communications with Egyptian officials gives us reason to be optimistic and the final manifest of vehicles and convoy members has been requested and received by the Egyptian Government in Cairo.  We now await final approval.
“Although the outlook for an expeditious approval to proceed with our mission is likely, we have always been prepared for the ups and downs and challenges that have been commonplace when attempting to deliver aid to Gaza.  If we were to move forward in the next day or two this would be one of the most trouble-free convoys yet.” – Convoy Leader Kieran Turner
“Our chief desire is to continue our journey to Gaza by land as soon as possible and fulfill our mission, nevertheless, we are prepared for any possibility.  Hopefully Egypt maintains its commitment to receiving aid destined for Gaza.  A successful and relatively trouble-free conclusion to our convoy will help to affirm Egypt’s commitment, thus shifting the burden of responsibility to people of conscience to support the people of Palestine in Gaza until the Israeli blockade is completely broken.” – Ken O’Keefe
Of secondary concern are the R2H Convoy participants who are survivors of the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara; they are proven humanitarians and we hope there will be no hindrance in their ability to complete this mission.
Mavi Marmara survivors – Ken O’Keefe (Ireland), Laura Stuart (UK), Ibrahim Musaji (UK), Ali Awasi (UK), Babu Zanghar (UK), Tauqhir Shareef (UK), Sakir Yildrim (UK).
London – Eleanor Merton +44 777 037 6701
Libya / Egypt – Kieran Turner & Ken O’Keefe +21 891 802 0981



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