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Vancouver, BC

slutTALK: The (Un)Conference - Presented by SlutWalk Vancouver


- 4:00pm
Samedi Mai 26 2012

Venue: The Wise Hall
Address: 1882 Adanac Street
Cost: Admission by Donation
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible from the back entrance

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Last year, thousands participated in SlutWalk Vancouver's march to end sexual violence and the victim-blaming and sex-shaming that accompanies it. This year, instead of a walk, SlutWalk Vancouver is facilitating more in-depth conversations about these issues, and about our movement.

In an open, participant-driven conference, SlutWalk Vancouver will facilitate panels, discussions and workshops on rape culture, victim-blaming and sexual stigma, and the term “slut”. We will invite discussion surrounding the SlutWalk name and whether it should be changed. Speakers will include representatives from Women Against Violence Against Women, the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, and the F Word Media Collective. Attendees are granted the opportunity to speak and present as well.

What's an unconference?

An unconference is a participant-driven conference where audience members decide the agenda. Speakers from various organizations will be invited to post their panel topics on a board, and audience members will be invited to do the same. Proposed topics can be prepared in advance, but topics may also be formed on the spot. The audience gets to rearrange the agenda however they want, which means they will get to hear about the topics that most interest them – and they may share their own expertise if they wish. All topics are welcome, so long as they are related to rape culture, victim-blaming, sex-shaming, the term "slut", or any of the above. Suggested topics include: alternative responses to rape (changes we'd like to see happen); consent and what it looks like; men's accountability; strategies for activism and change; and critiques of the SlutWalk name.

SlutWalk buttons, T-shirts and baked goods will be on sale at the unconference.

All proceeds will help recover some of the heavy costs of organizing this year, including venue rentals.

Organizer:Natasha Sanders-Kay, SlutWalk Vancouver, 604-219-0738,

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