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St Agatha

Springbrook Fur Farm / Deathcamp Anti-Fur Convergence Demonstration

Come and protest the cruel fur industry

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Samedi Décembre 1 2012

Venue: Springbrook Fur Far
Address: 1561 Berletts Rd, St Agatha ON
Cost: Free
Accessibility: On the road/shoulder outside

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There was a very successful demonstration at Springbrook on Fur-Free Friday. We're going back to remind the farm that we will not let them get away with murder.

Some facts about Springbrook:
- this farm has 9 enormous mink sheds surrounded by electric fence
- each year kill 30-50 000 mink for fur

- is a family-owned business, established 1982
- the community surrounding it is very hush-hush about its existence. let's make some noise!
- the farmers and some security were waiting for us with an ATV and cameras at a distance, taking our photos (zooming in), filming us
(- it's NOT on a dirt road, as i previously believed, it's paved)

At our last demonstration, we:
- turned one feed truck away from entering the premises
- turned a transport truck (unmarked) away from entering
- farmers did not engage with us/make eye contact
- had a police presence of 3 police vehicles to 10 protesters
- the police were quite fair and did not bother us

**Dress warmly, bring blankets, hot drinks, etc. It's cold at this time of year, especially in the open country.

Endorsed by Fur-Free Toronto, Fur-Free Niagara, Animal Defense League, Durham Animal Rights Alliance, Guelph Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Fur-Free London, Ocean Voice London


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