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Animal Freedom Day

An 18 year old girl challenges humanity into taking part in Animal Freedom Day.

Samedi Juillet 24 2010

Venue: Online multi-venue
Cost: Free

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada -- On July 24th 2010 the world will unite to free animals from abuse, torture and neglect.

Nadia Masoudi an 18 year old film-maker / animal activist from Hamilton, Ontario Canada has organized the world’s first online Animal Freedom Day. (To find out more about Animal Freedom Day please visit Animal Freedom Day is an online global multi-venue music festival that will be streamed live for everyone to see. It will feature many performances from independent music artists to legendary music icons. Many high-profile celebrities, environmentalists, politicians along with the support of some of the largest animal rights organizations in the world will take part and have their voices heard to free the animals.

On July 24th 2010 the world will be vegetarian for one day to help creatively tackle the ongoing topic of animal rights. The goal is to create awareness and put an end to the slaughtering of animals, animal abuse and create an alternative food source. Furthermore Nadia is determined to pass legislation for all governments to halt the advertisements of raw meat appearances on any marketing medium. Her goal is to have the support of millions of people to petition this legislation.

Nadia’s vision is to have the world eventually become fully vegan, by weaning them into a vegetarian lifestyle. Each year the dates for Animal Freedom Day will increase by one day causing an ever expanding range of the population participating as vegetarians.

Animal Freedom Day was initiated due to a documentary film 'Don't Eat Me', which is produced and directed by Nadia Masoudi. The film has been in the works for the past four years. Nadia believes that Animal Freedom Day will bring an epic climatic moment to the film as the world unites for the animals. (To find out more about Don’t Eat Me please visit

So far the film has received participation and acknowledgment from individuals such as Pamela Anderson, Woody Harrelson, Weird Al, Moby, K-OS, Corey Feldman, Nigel Barker, award-winning authors and many others from around the world.

There are also many organizations involved with the film, including; Humane Society of the United States, PETA, Compassion in World Farming, Viva! UK, The Vegetarian Society, Compassion Over Killing, etc.

On July 24th Animal Freedom Day will be webcast live online from the Burlington Jazz’n Blues Festival.

Media Coordinator
Moe Masoudi
Direct line: 905 540-3804 extension 101
323 King Street East Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8N 1C1

Organizer:Moe Masoudi

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