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Août 22, 2010

What should the Dominion cover in September?

Dominion Stories

The Media Co-op and the Dominion are reader-supported, and we're also reader-driven. Many of our best story ideas come from reader suggestions and dialogue between members.

What do you want to read about? What do Canadians need to know about? Post your ideas below. If you like a story that someone else has suggested, add your support and any additional feedback.



I'd like to see some labour movement coverage.

Thanks for asking.

Any suggestions?

Anything in particular you'd suggest covering?

Well, the big issue now in

Well, the big issue now in the Ontario labour movement is how unions will respond to Dalton McGuinty's demand for a two-year public sector wage freeze, affecting about a million workers. Some left groups, like the labour committee of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, have been meeting to talk about how the Left can respond, but right now the response of the labour movement remains uncertain, and in particular the response to a possible attempt to legislate the wage freeze remains uncertain. What are the prospects for a significant fightback, along the lines of the Days of Action in Ontario in the 1990s, in which the OFL held about a dozen single-city, one-day general strikes, followed each time by a Saturday mass demonstration? Nothing like that seems at all likely right now. But what sort of fightback might there be? I'd like to see coverage of that issue.

I would love to see an analysis of, the online global campaign organization. While I support many of its causes, I am nonetheless uncomfortable with the model. To whom are they accountable? Donors? Not in my experience. I wrote to castigate them on the "strategic voting campaign" during the last Canadian federal election and I never received a response -- even though I had previously donated. Are they effective? They seem to have raised money and can generate large numbers of emails but do governments and corporations pay attention? I would love to read messages from other activists in response to a good, solid article published here.


Alternative styles of governance and the rise of Green Politics in the Western World.

The Tamils history,

The Tamils history, situation... the relations between the Tamils situation and some other Indigenous situations

Local events for the UN International Day of Peace

You can find out more at  I'd love to see this day and the events around town promoted and reported on. 

There's the Make Poverty

There's the Make Poverty History events going on from the 17th to the 19th around Canada.

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