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Tony Tracy is the Media Co-op: Join him today and Own your Media!

by The Media Co-op

Tony Tracy is the Media Co-op: Join him today and Own your Media!

As a co-op, our strength is our members. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sending our profiles of some of the people who support the co-op, from readers, to contributors to editors. Know someone involved with the co-op who we should profile? Send it to:

Tony Tracy is a busy man. The Atlantic Regional Representative for the Canadian Labour Congress, and long-time community activist, spends countless hours driving the highways and byways of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, visiting labour councils, and assisting wherever labour unrest exists. As the situation in the Maritimes heats up, and lines are increasingly drawn between labour and ownership, Tony's been busier than ever.

But despite his harrowing schedule, Tony's never too busy for the Media Coop. He's been a sustaining member providing us with monthly funding since the very beginning, when the notion of having a people-owned media network that would span the country was just that; a notion that needed funding to exist. Maintaining a responsible advertising policy, and depending on sustainers for revenue, has meant that the Media Coop has stayed true to the people, and the struggle of the working class.

“Workers' voices are not reflected in mainstream media. We see no coverage of the perspectives of our Brothers and Sisters in labour, or the struggles they go through.

The Media Coop provides us with our own voice, in a way we can't see in the mainstream. It helps cover stories we don't see anywhere else, and it builds capacity for social change.”

-Tony Tracy, proud member of theHalifax Media Co-op since 2008

Tony is one of an increasing number of Canadians who are choosing to Own Their Media. Please consider providing one hour of your wages as a monthly donation to support quality alternative journalism in Halifax and Canada.

Click here to join Tony and the growing number of Canadians who are choosing to own their media by becoming a member today.

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