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The Media Co-op is recruiting a volunteer social media co-ordinator!

Help spread grassroots, co-operative news far & wide

by The Media Co-op

The Media Co-op is recruiting a volunteer social media co-ordinator!

Are you quick to tweet? Familiar with Facebook? A real redditor? A Google+ groupie?

We're looking for someone to put about 15 hours per month into helping us manage and build the social media presence of our online news & open publishing site,, an our magazine, The Dominion, and help make sure that the grassroots news we produce on a daily basis reaches the widest possible audience.

This volunteer position will work in conjunction with the national editorial collective to ensure regular updates on our existing social media profiles. You will also help us explore new possibilities in expanding our online reach.

We're not just interested in promoting content, but in conversation as well. You'll help us to build our voice and engage our readers and supporters, to encourage their participation in the Media Co-op's unique, open-publishing platform.

Ideally, you'll have interest in both social media and social justice and have an established history using social media to engage in conversation and share news. You'd also have about 15 - 20 hours free per month to work with us.

To get involved, email with SOCIAL MEDIA in the subject, telling us a little bit of information about yourself and why you'd like to get involved, and we'll be in touch. While there is no firm deadline, we'd like to have someone starting in this role over the next three weeks, so make sure to get in touch with us soon.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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