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Communique on the Constitution of International Group of the Communist Left

by International Group of the Communist Left


The Internationalists Communists – Klasbatalo (ex-ICM) and the Fraction of the International

Communist Left (ex-IFICC) held a Conference in order to set up a new communist group. At

that Conference, the two groups decided to dissolve in order to form the International Group

of the Communist Left.


As soon as we can, we'll communicate and publish the documents adopted at this meeting and

on which the new group bases itself. The Conference adopted a political platform essentially

taking up the basic positions of the ICT and the ICC which generally corresponds to the

positions that the FICL's International Communist Bulletin posted on its back page. It also

adopted the international centralization as a mode of functioning and as a communist principle

and practice to develop in its own ranks. It adopted the Thesis on the International Situation

so as to define and develop political orientations and interventions within the working class.


As well, it takes up again the debate that developed between the previous groups regarding

the analysis of the Proletarian Camp and the intervention to develop within it. The IGCL

wants to focus its intervention within the Proletarian Camp on the struggle for the communist

regroupment aiming at the formation of the Communist Party of tomorrow and on the struggle

against all the forms of opportunism and sectarianism which had weakened the original. More

concretely, and taking note of a central line of demarcation and opposition within this camp

between the "pro-party" and "anti-party" tendencies and groups, our group will orientate its

intervention in order to favor at best the process of regroupment around the Internationalist

Communist Tendency – around its positions and its organization as a unique international

pole icapable of embodying the legacy of the Communist Left.


Finally, the Conference decided to equip the new group with a review, initially to come out

twice a year in French and English, along with extracts translated into Spanish on our website.

, For an initial period, at least, and for practical reasons, the web address will be the same as

the former Fraction of the International Communist Left's :

(with English pages). As well, we have a new email address : to which

the reader and the groups can already write.


Today, in the present historical situation – economic crisis, danger of imperialist war, workers

struggles... the working class absolutely needs the regroupment of communist minorities in

order to prepare the constitution of its world Party.

The IGCL, November 7th, 2013.

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