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Help us train more journalists!

"A healthy democracy is dependent on a lively diverse public sphere where citizens can consider and discuss issues that affect their lives. The Dominion provides a fresh, alternative voice that is often absent in mainstream media."

Kim Kierans, Vice President, University of King's College, Professor, School of Journalism, Halifax, NS

Hello Media Co-op members and readers,

My name is Dru, I've been working on The Dominion and Media Co-op projects for eight years. When we first started publishing in 2003, we wanted to establish a place where independent journalists could access an audience and have the freedom to tell the critical stories they couldn't publish anywhere else.  As a result, we have a network of talented and experienced journalists writing for the Media Co-op.

Today, as our network expands, one of the challenging tasks we face is how to multiply the number of people doing top notch critical journalism.

It's the last week of Membership Month, and if you haven't already, I urge you to sign up as a sustaining member of the Media Co-op.  With your help, we can multiply the journalists doing grassroots, investigative stories for Canada's most exciting independent media project. 

Through the Media Co-op locals, we've already trained hundreds of people in journalism skills at all levels. For instance:

This month, the Vancouver Media Co-op will hold intensive workshops on video production and libel law for grassroots journalists. The VMC's Dawn Paley, who has reported from throughout Latin America, regularly holds free writing and editing sessions.

Toronto Media Co-op organizer Tim Groves has developed an eye-opening online research workshop that has benefitted journalists across the country.

The Halifax Media Co-op has offered a number of free journalism workshops on everything from interviewing techniques to audio recording, hosted by long-time Media Co-op editor Hillary Lindsay and other Halifax-based journalists.

With its upcoming launch, the members of the Montreal Media Co-op are planning a series of skills workshops, and are working to facilitate a deepening of analytical skills for grassroots journalists.

With your participation, we can train hundreds more with grassroots journalism skills to strengthen and deepen democratic co-operative media.


I invite you to become a sustaining member today, and contribute directly to this work.  If you sign up this week, you'll also be entered in a draw to win four thought-provoking books, from the radical, independent book publisher, Fernwood Publishing!


Dru Oja Jay
Dominion and Media Co-op co-founder

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