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Canada's War on First Nations

Presentation as relevant today as in 2008

by Russell Diabo

Canada's War on First Nations

I developed this PowerPoint presentation about Canada’s War on First Nations (click here to access) in the summer of 2008 after the federal apology for Residential Schools and the announcement of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Since before Confederation in 1867, to the 1876 Indian Act, to the Liberal 1969 White Paper on Indian Policy, to the Conservatives “Buffalo Jump of the 1980’s” Native Policy, successive Liberal or Conservative governments have continued to implement a First Nations Termination Plan to end the collective Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty rights of First Nations.

Despite the Trudeau government’s lofty promises and the use of a federal Justice Minister—who is an Indigenous Person—as camouflage, the federal War on First Nations continues albeit through stealth in secret Cabinet meetings, an internal federal Ministerial Working Group and about a hundred Termination Tables where over 400 Chiefs & Councils are negotiating the extinguishment/conversion of their Peoples' Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty rights.

I urge you to read my presentation from 8 years ago as a benchmark to measure against the Trudeau government’s actions today and decide for yourself if I am right or wrong!

For your information, this is the message the RCMP and intelligence agencies didn’t like in their SITKA Report and I was singled out for mention because of it!


To access the presentation, use this address or click the link under "File attachment" below:

For more on project SITKA and Indigenous resistance, see this recent article in Briarpatch Magazine.

File attachments:

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