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Summary of December 11, 2012 board meeting

December 11th meeting minutes

Present: Tim McSorley (editor rep.), Dru Oja Jay (editor rep.), Palmira Boutillier (Halifax rep.), Stephanie Clermont (Montreal rep.), Maryann Abbs (Vancouver rep.), Justin Saunders (recently appointed Toronto rep.), Dawn Paley, (newly appointed editors rep.)

Absent: Crystel Hajjar (contributor rep.) Sharmeen Khan (reader rep.)

Review and Approval of financial statements

- Need to approve the September statement and come up with a process to approve the statements
- Encourage donaters and sustainers to use void cheques or direct deposit instead of Paypal since there is no overhead cost - they would need to cancel through Paypal and mail a void cheque.
Financial statements
- We get money from sales of the Dominion on newsstands in chunks
- Subscriptions increased $170 in September
- No ad revenue in September - we are exploring grants

The October statement will be discussed over email

Financial statement for October were adopted.

Update on fundraising strategy
- Palmira will start an email thread to gather ideas on developing a fundraising sub-committee - this will be discussed at the next meeting.
- Currently, we are working on three different grant applications.
- Koby is following up with lapsed sustainers to find out why they have not renewed their membership.

Ad Policy

Sales Rep Update
Sale reps are  Daniel Vanderhoof (Toronto) and Miles Howe (Halifax).
We have couple of new advertisers in addition to the previous ones.
We are working on a 5-year advertising strategy.

Sudbury working group would like their own sub-domain similar to the Ottawa working group. It would be a good idea to give them their asks in order to encourage local growth.

Other items
The issue of locals’ ability to block or limit the membership of disruptive or abusive users was brought up. It was decided that the board will develop a more cohesive policy that will have clear steps for escalating through a conflict resolution process. Justin will bottomline work on this.

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