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Anti-Fur Demonstration held at Springbrook Fur Farm

Citizens Demand Ban on Fur Farms

by K.O.A.L.A (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance)

Anti-Fur Demonstration held at Springbrook Fur Farm



On Dec 6th, 2013 a dozen people including members of GOAL (Grassroots Ontario Animal Liberation Network) held an anti-fur demonstration at Springbrook Fur Farm in St. Agatha, ON from noon till 2pm.  In freezing weather conditions demonstrators held anti-fur signs and chanted for the factory farm to be closed down.  The farm kills 30,000 to 50,000 thousand mink annually by method of gassing and suffocation and has been the site of protest several times previously.  During the event the farms owner Rob Dietrich was seen driving by in his car while smiling and flipping protestors the middle finger.  Other motorists honked in support of the protest as they drove by.

After about an hour the demonstrators marched down the road to the neighboring property’s entrance (also owned by Dietrich) and continued with speeches and chants.  Excerpts from Margaret Atwood’s “Year of the Flood” were read aloud followed by a moment of silence in memory of all the minks whose lives were ended at the farm.  More protests are scheduled to occur at the farm at future dates.



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