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Five places to be must visited in Canada

by Richard Bush

5 Places you must visit when you go to Canada

According to Lonely Planet, Canada is the second largest country in the world and has an endless variety of landscapes. Jagged mountains, sparkling glaciers, spectral rainforests, swaying fields of wheat are all here, spread across six time zones. There are also powerful surf beaches. For those who want to explore this wonderful country we suggest five places that are not popular but are most interesting.

1. The Prince Edward Island

The green pastures and red cliffs of different soil make Prince Edward Island an ideal place for travelers just looking for a little relaxation or a fun day at the beach destination. Take a car to get around, as the island is not big so you can see everything in one day.  Find car rental deals for Canada.

2. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and a great place to immerse yourself in Canadian culture. The changing of the guard at Parliament Hill or the RCMP march are always popular attractions, along with some world-class museums. There are also many parks and bike paths make outdoor outlets in the summer that are fun. The winters are not bad either. The Rideau Canal, connecting the Ottawa River to the Great Lakes for leisure boaters, making it the longest skating rink in the world when it freezes.

3. Kelowna, British Columbia

Where Canadians vacation leave? Kelowna, BC. At the heart of the Canadian Rockies is the Okanagan Valley, a river-valley has some of the best weather in Canada. Hot in the summer and warm in winter, the most you can ask for in the Great White North. The valley produces the famous Canadian apples (illegal in the U.S.) and wine. The Valley has a marina for avid boaters and many golf courses. Relax on the beach or sitting on the porch of a cabin by the lake is the idea of the perfect destination for everyone.

4. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Most cataracts are technically in the United States. And this would be fine, except that view, have to be on the Canadian side. That's why Niagara Falls lands on the list of Top-Ten of Canada. To get to the other side is a pedestrian bridge linking Canada with the United States without the inconvenience of border patrols, yeah!

This resort town is ideal for sightseeing and if you happen to be in Toronto, Niagara Falls is not far. Niagara Falls is also a popular place to get married, competing with Las Vegas for the preferred wedding destinations. Niagara Falls was also rated as the most romantic place in the world.

5. The Louise, Alberta Lake

The picture says it all. Deep in the Canadian Rockies a large turquoise glacier lake drained thousand years in the distance. The Fairmont Hotel is world class and make reservations many months in advance. But do not let that deter you from visiting, there are many camps that make the visit fun and affordable.

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