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Anti-fur Demonstration at Springbrook Fur Farm Dec 1, 2012

by K.O.A.L.A (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance)

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Another anti-fur demonstration was held Saturday, December 1st, 2012, at Springbrook Fur Farm, located at 1561 Berlett’s Rd. in St. Agatha.

Thirty or more people from all over Ontario attended the demonstration, which was organized by K.O.A.L.A. (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance). The demonstration was held from 1-4pm and had attendees from such organizations as: Fur-Free Toronto, Fur-Free Niagara, Animal Defense League, Durham Animal Rights Alliance, Guelph Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Fur-Free London, and Ocean Voice London.

The Waterloo Regional Police had several officers guarding the mink farm. Two members of the SWAT team had blockaded the driveway with an unmarked SUV while two marked police cars directed traffic after the demonstration spilled into the road. A member of the Special Intelligence Police Unit videotaped demonstrators as they chanted anti-fur slogans such as "Polluting the land, polluting the water; profiting off of animal slaughter," and "Where’s your compassion? No blood for fashion!"

Speeches were made by activists condemning the inhumane treatment of animals in the fur industry and the demonstrators called on the police to arrest the owners of the fur farm for animal abuse. Speakers also noted the devastating environmental impact that these farms have. Chromium and formaldehyde used in pelt processing combined with huge amounts of animal waste contaminate the groundwater of neighbouring communities. There has been a huge effort by the Canadian fur industry to promote fur as eco-friendly, but advertising standards committees in countries such as England, Denmark, Holland, Italy, and Finland have ruled any advertising declaring fur as environmentally safe to be false and misleading.

It is currently legal to import cat and dog fur to Canada. One activist was quoted as saying: "We would never farm those animals here. Why is there a divide between species? Do you think that if these sheds were full of cats and dogs, that people would allow this business to continue? There would be outrage."

No deliveries were made, and employees were unable to leave: the farm was effectively shut down during the entire duration of the demonstration.

In between the anti-fur speeches and chants, activists enjoyed cupcakes and cookies provided by Niagara Vegan Baking Militia, who held an all-vegan bake sale during the demo. All proceeds were donated to K.O.A.L.A.


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