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Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Kevin Neish's eyewitness report addresses possible executions of aid workers(3/4)

by Anita Krajnc

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In this segment (part 3 of 4), Kevin Neish discusses the possibility that injured aid workers on the Gaza Freedom  Flotilla were executed by Israeli commandos. Neish presented his eyewitness account at the following Public Forum in Toronto on July 8, 2010:


Featuring Canadian flotilla survivors Farooq Burney and Kevin Neish

In the early hours of May 31, Israeli commandos illegally boarded and seized six ships carrying 663 unarmed humanitarian aid activists from 37 countries, and over 10,000 tons of badly needed aid for the people of Gaza. When the raid was over, nine passengers were dead, dozens more were injured, and hundreds were transferred to Israeli jails.

This illegal military assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla has, once again, focused the world's attention on the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The flotilla's cargo included food, medicine, medical equipment, toys, books, paper, school supplies, clothing, building materials, and electricity generators - items that Israel has kept out of Gaza since it imposed its illegal blockade in 2007.

The acute humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, as well as the attack on the flotilla, are part of a growing list of Israel's deadly violations of international law, including its war crimes committed in Gaza and documented in the Goldstone Report (, and war crimes committed against the Lebanese people in 2006.

While the United Nations and world states have remained largely silent and complicit, millions of people around the world have responded with outrage about Palestinians' collective experience of over six decades of Israeli apartheid. Immediately following the attacks, protests were held across Canada and internationally to demand justice for those killed on the flotilla, to demand an end to the Israeli siege on Gaza, and to call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law.

Farooq Burney and Kevin Neish, two of three Canadians who participated in the flotilla, were aboard the Mavi Marmara when it was attacked by Israeli commandos. Farooq and Kevin share their eyewitness accounts of the raid and their experiences in Israeli detention.

Kevin Neish is a social justice and peace activist based in Victoria, BC. A retired engineer, he has participated in numerous solidarity campaigns in Canada, Latin America, and Palestine.
Co-organized by
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
Students Against Israeli Apartheid, a working group of OPIRG Toronto

Endorsed by
Palestine House Community Centre
Palestinian Canadian Congress
Gaza Freedom March
Beit Zatoun
Canadian Arab Federation
Canadian Peace Alliance
Educators for Peace and Justice
Muslim Unity
Canadian Shia Muslims Organization (CASMO)
Independent Jewish Voices
Not In Our Name (NION): Jewish Voices Opposing Zionism

Video Production: Anita Krajnc for rabbletv

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