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KOALA Office Take Over at Hybrid Turkeys - April 11th, 2014


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On Friday, April 11th, animal rights activists from KOALA disrupted business as usual at Hybrid Turkeys’ head office located at 650 Riverbend Road in Kitchener, ON.

Hybrid Turkeys is currently under investigation by the OSPCA and OPP after undercover footage of extreme animal abuse was taken at their farm in Oxford County, and released to the public by Mercy for Animals. The activists entered the office unannounced during working hours and delivered a statement demanding accountability for the cruelty seen in the footage, while holding signs that read, “Shame on Hybrid Turkeys” and “Animals First, Profits Last.” Activists then held a moment of silence in honour of all the animals brutally killed by Hybrid Turkeys before playing a song in commemoration of Natalie – a turkey who was rescued from a slaughterhouse.

In intensive animal farming operations, animal welfare is the last priority. The footage shows workers beating turkeys with shovels and severing their heads with bolt cutters; practices which go against the company’s own corporate policy of humane treatment.

Hybrid Turkeys is owned by Hendrix Genetics, a company responsible for mutating the genetics of turkeys, pigs, and fish in order to produce faster and larger growth of the animals’ bodies, rendering them unable to walk or stand due to their body mass.

The activists asked office employees to share their thoughts on the recent investigation, but were met with blank stares.

The demonstration moved to the front of the building and received honks of approval from cars driving by.


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