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Toronto Police Are Still As Violent And Unaccountable As Ever.

by Daniel Johnson

The Toronto Police Services recent claims of rehabilitation have turned out to be about as valid as Rob Ford's. While police claim that the number of complaints against them has gone down, there appears to be different reasons for that. 

Video taken July 15 shows Toronto Police aggressively removing someone from a bus. The circumstances are confusing, the actions of police are not. 

Since Media Coop won't let me embed a Facebook video for some reason, for now here's the link and the embed code so people can share it other places:

Embed code: 

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The video and it's description were posted on Facebook shortly after by Yung Sav, who wrote: 

 Police brutality at its finest Yonge and Dundas Square. I put up 2 videos of what happened women in her 40s or 50s get put off streetcar because she asked for a transfer when she paid I started to record just before shot popped off family of 6 gets attacked. Lost some footage when cop's smack the phone out of my hand when I was recording everything then they turned on me, assaulted me and my property. When iGo to make a report at the police station at 52 division they say they can't do nothing meaning they can't take a report but I couldn make a report with the Office Independent Police Review Director can you say run around I asked for a pen to make my report and the police officer in 52 division at the time at front desk she doesnt have a pen for me to make my report lol top off they kick me out of the station. Toronto police working hard but not for you no joke.


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