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Emancipatory Education Working Group

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This group will promote discussion of issues in formal education, including funding and accessibility. It will also provide a forum to network around issues affecting the student movement in Canada (e.g. student organizations, occupations and strikes, etc.)

It will also aid in creating links with global student movements such as the Global Week of Action (April 20 - 29, 2009) and foster discussion of critical pedagogy within and outside of our formal educational institutions.

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Posts in Emancipatory Education

February 21, 2012 • Coop Média de Montréal

One hour with CerAmony about their opposition to the Plan Nord and much more

on Ecolibrium at CKUT, you can find a lot more about CerAmony on

» Listen: - 1 comments

July 8, 2011 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Purple Thistle Institute Thrives in East Van

Summer experiment in alternative university off to a strong start

» Story: by Dawn Paley - 5 comments

April 28, 2011 • Coop Média de Montréal

Première à Montréal du film End:Civ de Frank Lopez (

» Blog: posted by communard

January 7, 2011 • Media Co-op

The ongoing battle against environmental destruction and capitalism

featuring Denis Rancourt (in french), Kahentineta Horn, Test Their Logik (with an exclusive new song), The Stimulator...

» Listen:

May 22, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Militant ResistAnce to the G8

» Blog: posted by mike - 4 comments

May 21, 2010 • Vancouver Media Co-op

G8 Bus Stop

March 12, 2009 • Media Co-op

See video

Reclaim Your Education - Global Week of Action 2009

» Video: Watch
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