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January 20, 2011

Another month, another 1,000 stories: What should we cover in February?

Dominion Stories

What do you want to read about? What do Canadians need to know about? Post your story ideas and links below. We'll consider links for the Dominion's twice-monthly feature, Fortnight in Review, and we'll send journalists here for story ideas.

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The Media Co-op and the Dominion are reader-supported, and we're also reader-driven. Many of our best story ideas come from reader suggestions and dialogue between members. Thanks for adding to the dialogue!


Alberta Oil Sands: Why is

Alberta Oil Sands: Why is the media so completely uninterested in the fact that United States in destroying our invironment in Northern BC and Alberta? I have a source who worked as an electrician on the oil sands. He told me that what Shell did in Africa is the exact same thing that is going on with native lands here in Canada. He also told me that he was paid cash for his services by the Hell's Angels; the H.A. are in charge!!! What does that say about the lagiticmacy of this op?

Migrant Justice: campaign for longtime ill farmworker in ON

[text from petition on fessebook:]

January 2011

We, the undersigned, write to request the Canadian government to exercise its discretion under s.25(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to permit Phillip Allen to apply for permanent residency from within Canada.

Phillip is a hardworking and dedicated husband and father who has made invaluable contributions to the migrant worker community and to Canadian society. From 2003 to 2007, he came to Canada from Jamaica each year and worked for 8 months of the year as a productive member of Canadian society as part of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program. As a legally employed worker, he contributed from his income to Canadian provincial and federal taxes and to employment insurance. He was consistently requested back by his employer.

When his kidneys failed in July 2007, Phillip became dependent on regular dialysis to survive. Without dialysis, Phillip will be dead in between 7 to 10 days. If he is forced to return to Jamaica, he will not receive dialysis. Public facilities are crippled by such long waiting lists that people die while waiting for treatment and private facilities are far too expensive for Phillip. Despite this reality, and Phillip's many contributions to Canadian society, his refugee claim has been denied. A successful humanitarian and compassionate claim is his only hope to remain in Canada.

Phillip is an important and contributing member of his community. He is a volunteer youth group leader twice a week for the youth at the Brampton Church of God, which he has been attending since 2003. Phillip is a pillar of strength for other dialysis patients; he always has words of encouragement and a positive outlook to help lift their spirits and in doing so, improve their health.

Though he can no longer work, Phillip has also remained active in the migrant farm worker community.  He has donated his time, his positive outlook and his stories as a public lecturer, travelling throughout southern Ontario to share his experiences as a migrant worker with the Canadian public.

Phillip Allen is an asset to Canada and a courageous, cheerful individual. He will never receive dialysis if he is returned to Jamaica; this would be his death warrant. We ask that such a vibrant individual be allowed to stay in Canada and continue to make these contributions. If he is returned, not only will his wife and children lose a loved one, but his Canadian community will have lost a dear friend. We urge the Federal Government to accept Phillip Allen's humanitarian and compassionate claim.

Toronto Police Security Equipment


I wold love to know the price paid for the four "sound wagons"  the Toronto Police were bought for the G20 demonstrations.

Even more important, following this logic how many "back-scatter" vans have Canadian

Security & Police forces ordered ? These mobile X-Ray vans can see through walls & metal.

They are supplied by a U.S. company that says it can't keep up with the rush of world wide


"Enquiring minds want to know"

Gastap, T.O.

Ongoing Degradation of Worker's rights

On Saturday, January 29th at Hamilton, Ontario's city hall (71 Main St. West), there will be a day of All Out Action against U.S. Steel and other foreign-owned companies that are currently attempting to destroy Canadian communities through the degradation of the worker's rights. 

Companies such as U.S. Steel (which owns factories at Lake Eerie and in Hamilton) and Vale Inco (which owns a variety of nickel producers across Canada, and recently won concessions in Sudbury while wreaking havoc on the communities of striking workers at Voisey's Bay in Newfoundland) are aiming to replicate the incremental destruction of worker's rights seen in America since the mid 1930s after the passing of the Wagner Act (1935).

As seen in American industries such as the automotive and steel, and in recent corporate maneuvers by Vale Inco in Sudbury and U.S. Steel at the Nanticoke facilities near Lake Eerie, corporate multinationals gradually chip away at worker's rights to adequate pensions in retirement and wage increases for active workers.  These multinational corporations seek to create a world in which cheap labour is the standard, while also practicing manufacturing and extraction procedures that are destructive to the environment.

USW Local 1005 in Hamilton will mark its third month outside the gates of the former Hilton Works facilities at Wilcox Street in Hamilton on February 7th.  The Local 1005 were locked out on November 7th, 2010 when they refused a new contract that would see the pension plan for 9,000 retired and 900 active workers be switched from a defined benefit plan (with adjustments for inflation) to a defined contribution plan (similar to an RRSP, which makes payouts based on a mutual fund-style scheme that depends on the fluctuating stock market).

It is important for Canadians to be informed of the trend towards cheap labour across the globe, and the concentration of natural resources and mineral extraction in the hands of a few multinational corporations.  If we look to the cheapening of American labour across the board over the past twenty years, and the degradation of America's natural resources, we can draw similarities between the U.S.'s course, and the path that Canada is currently taking in terms of environmental destruction and the cheapening of labour.  We need to think of alternatives to destructive extraction methods, while also ensuring that the rights of workers are protected.

The All Out Day of Action will take place in Hamilton, Ontario on Saturday, January 29th at 1PM starting with a rally and speeches at city hall (71 Main St. W), and proceeding with a march through the downtown core.

Most of the information gathered for this suggested topic was obtained from the Marxist-Leninist daily:

And the following wikipedia articles: ; ;

nukes or green energy?

Ontario's electricity future - nuclear or green?

Ontario wants to build up to 4 new nuclear power plants and refurbish 10. Harper wants to sell AECL because it's a boondoggle. There are no takers. Industry wants the profits but wants to socialize the costs (ie. insurance, environment, health, cost overruns, security, catastrophic accident). Canada's nuke industry is in limbo.

Meanwhile Ontario's Green Energy Act, the continental leader, could be turfed if the Conservatives win the next provincial election (to be held this fall). At the same time, rural landowners across the province are organizing to fight new wind projects, and everyone is blaming green energy for increases in electricity rates.

new story ideas

- Canadian and International media is completely ignoring the damage being done in Alberta because of the tar sands. - Another example of what Naomi Klien refers to as the Shock Doctrine is about to rear it's ugly head in Haiti. Now that the entire country is devistated because of the earth quakes, their former dictator is going to try and weasle his way back in, heres a quote from the Globe and Mail, "Jean-Claude Duvalier ... met with supporters before cancelling a news conference, leaving long-time Haiti observers absolutely bewildered as to the motives behind the deposed despot’s return after nearly 25 years spent in exile." I smell another Neocom/CIA supported dictatorship or the rise.

Ottawa's Great Forest

There is tremendous mounting support amongst Algonquin communities and the local people to protect a forested area from destruction to further urban sprawl in the nation's capital region.

This is within unceded Algonquin territory.

The Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation lends its support.

Further information can be found at: 

This area is thought to contain extremely important archaeological sites, and as has been consistent with the Algonquin experience, these sites are not gaining appropriate attention. 

Paula LaPierre




taxes and public goods

CETA and implications and media ... good... but people need to know that where taxes go is critical. Could you do some graphics using the pie image to help us grasp the difference between the pieces of pie now for health sector , population, public schools, military, etc compared to those numbers for 20 years ago and 40 years ago?



Separation of Church and State

Marci MacDonals`s book, 'The Armageddon Factor contains a wealth of very disturbing connections between Canadian Stephen Harper`s Conservative Government, and the Religious Rigfht's top leaders in both the USA and Canada. This includes the fact (and reasons) why the Religious Right supports the Right Wing Likud Party in Israel . Which in turn reveals why Harper has changed Canadian Foreign Policy (and aid) from being neutral, to overtly siding with Israel .

On the homefront, Harper is filling hundreds  of Canadian Government jobs with hand picked Born Again Fundamentalist  Christians who have become the base of the Conservative party in Canada.

Harper`s minions like Stockwell day and Jason Kenny leas the way in doing Harper`s stealthy bidding. Harper has turned Canada's Conservative Government to a mini8 USA style republican Government, with the Religious Right  calling the shots. The Dominion must bring this to the attention of the public, because all other Political Parties in Canada are afraid to raise the subject , fearing a backlash from Christian Fundamentalists, and the Jewish population in Canada.

This is Harper's Hidden Agenda.


911 truth and chem trails

I recently saw a TV programme in Ontario about chem trails (althought they weren't called that on the programme) . It was admitted that scientists had met in California and considered spraying to control global warming. However, the programme did not mention aluminum or barium, which I believe is being sprayed. There is a great deal about chem trails online (and some information in books) including the recent documentary What In the World Are They Spraying. I would like the Dominion to cover this topic. The 911 truth issue does not require further comment.

Proposed "Raven" Coal Mine for Vancouver Island

I am hoping you might give some coverage to this proposed coalmine and to the opposition to it by local residents. The BC government has been supportive of the mining company and its investors from the beginning. We are currently in a procedural review process and have been denied an expert environmental review panel. The government received 1900 letters from residents in the most part opposing this mine, but this was not enough.

Their plan is to drill into our as yet unmapped aquafirs that are connected and shared by the surrounding communities. They plan to destroy a salmon spawning stream, but claim they will enhance fisheries elsewhere. They plan to truck all the coal from the mine to Port Alberni, some 100 km away. All this done 24hrs/day, 7 days a week for 20 years. Their own website includes this information, and the ways they plan to partly mitigate their negative impacts. 

thanks for your consideration,

Keith Porteous

Denman Island, B.C.


Bulk water sales to the USA

There is currently a concentrated effort to build a water bottling plant in Creston BC.  My understanding is that as soon as one place in Canada starts shipping water, we will lose all control of our water rights.   This is HUGE if it is true and should be widely publicized.

*Corporate media and public opinion manipulation*


With the CRTC now proposing to redefine "false and misleading information" to include "and is harmful to public safety," the likelihood is even greater of condoning Fox-News-like right-wing opinion and propaganda masquerading as news, while progressive media could be harassed or even suppressed by the authorities on the grounds of 'public safety.' Who decides this?

A fair, objective, and open media is essential for a peaceful democracy. With the increasing ownership of conventional media and control of Internet access by a few huge Canadian communications corporations, is progressive media at risk in this country?

An email from a reader

Do you know about the CETA (Comprehenisve economic trade agreement) that is being negotiated right now between EU and Canada? I am guessing you do but I haven't seen anything about it in the Dominion and it would be good to cover. It is very scary (worse thatn NAFTA) and almost no one knows it is happening. It would threaten basically all aspects of our lives (not to mention having a major impact on farmers rights and ability to farm). It is the NFU's main focus right now and I just thought it might make a good article or series of articles as no other media has mentioned it. you can check it out at: 

Meridian Gold-Argonaut Gold Inc.

Brian Kennedy was the CEO of a canadian mining company, Meridian Gold when this company bought and tryed to develop the Esquel gold project in Chubut, Patagonia Argentina. Meridian Gold was rejected and the goldmine never constructed. The case went up to the National Supreme Court and ended in favour of the community. Later Meridian was absorved by Yanama Gold. Former Meridian Gold executives formed Argonaut Gold some years later, and now are trying to develop a gold and silver mine in Baja Calofirnia Sur, México. Residents there, concerned about Argonaut exectives track record in Argentina, has asked the Esquel Assambley (a local organization active against mining in Patagonia over the past 10 years) information about Meridian Gold corporate behavior in Esquel during that conflict.

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