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September 20, 2013

Wanted: your story ideas! What do you want us to cover?

We want to know what kinds of stories you want to see on our sites and in the pages of The Dominion magazine. As a membership-based media organization, we prioritize readers' suggestions. We direct our contributors to this discussion page when they're preparing pitches, and whether they incorporate reader input factors into our decisions.

We were excited to receive so much feedback earlier this year and even more so to publish a number of articles based on reader-submitted story ideas. Our contributors picked up on your suggestions, including tenants' rights, asylum seekersalternative currencies, transition towns and Idle No More alliance-building with other movements.

There are still some great proposals—health care workers' struggles, pension fund investment in the weapons trade, homeschooling and more—on our previous discussion thread, and we encourage our contributors to have a look there as well. But we're seeking a fresh set of ideas too. Leave a comment to have your say and let us know what you want covered!



Horizontal social movements and

I would like to see more coverage of horizontal social movements that are building radical alternatives to the state and capitalism, in the present. This would include things like peoples' assemblies, communal living, and cooperatives.

I would also appreciate more coverage on prisons, police, and prisoner resistance. There was an excellent piece you did where you interviewed Ed Mead about the prison group "Men Against Sexism". I'd love to hear more about radical prison organizing, community alternatives to police/prisons, and other related subjects.

Anyhow, I love what you all do here, and appreciate that you are looking to your readers for feedback.

Keep up the amazing work!

--Jesse Taylor

Kids without immigration status are denied access to schools

Canada is fairly exceptional as a country where kids without immigration status are denied access to school. It is outrageous that kids can't go to school because of their immigration status.

People across the country need to realize that this is a problem in most provinces, and that it's not only unacceptable but also unusual (compared to many countries) that we allow this to continue.

While this problem has been partly solved in Ontario and in BC, even in Ontario it has been reported that many schools still refuse children (even though they're not supposed to). In Quebec there is an active campaign underway (which I am involved in, called the Education Across Borders campaign).

Until a couple years ago, very few people in Montreal were talking about this problem - I suspect that it's a similarly neglected problem in some other cities and provinces. I think it's important that more people in more places realize the scope of the problem and how unacceptable it is.

What is the Transition Movement?

I'd like to see something on the Canadian or global Transition Movement...what is it, is it a liberal class feel-good type of thing, or something more substantial? What are its goals,  strengths and weaknesses.


Does Kinder Morgan pay any corporate taxes? (Investigative)

Suggestion from Larry Marshik:

The arrival of the Dominion magazine package led me to think ...... "Hey, maybe the Dominion might know of some investigative reporter type who could dig into tax and ownership stuff regarding Kinder Morgan - re: twinning their pipeline in BC".

Anyway, all this comes from a few references in the book, The Fine Print (see pp. 94/95, pp 169, p 100-101).  Wherein it suggests that pipelines in general, and Kinder Morgan specifically (in the US at any rate) have ownership and tax structure & regulations that lets them avoid most business/corporate taxes.  

So I thought it might be a useful addition to the current BC pipeline issues, if one could figure out the corporate ownership and tax backstory.  Like do these companies or Kinder Morgan pay any corporate tax ??  Maybe that might bother some folks more than whether or not certain projects are wrecking the planet or selling Canadian resources for a song.

Social Investment Bonds, global anti-fracking

Social Investment Bonds (SIBs) -- this is a new federal initiative designed to make non-profits compete for private funding based on the quantitatively-proven success of their projects. A lot of concerns about how this will impact non-profits and social service provision more generally. Not much out there on this in the news, but there's a recent article that reviews SIBs in the open-source journal ANSERJ:

Suggestion from facebook: "What about the rising up of Anti-Fracking protests by massive amounts of people all over this planet? The fracking interests all over the world is a serious threat to humanity."


Idle no more

I would like more coverage on what natives in this country are doing to protect the land.  I am not native but find this subject is ignored by the general media.

Idle no more

I would like more coverage on what natives in this country are doing to protect the land.  I am not native but find this subject is ignored by the general media.

Criminalized agriculture & livestock

What kind of farming/agriculture/permaculture is criminalized, and why?

On the West Coast there's a recent story on a couple facing a $40 000 bill to remove their "unsightly" sustainable garden.

Raw milk is illegal although it's been shown to be healthier than pasteurized milk (it was the #1 treatment for tuberculosis for part of the 1800s, according to Ron Schmid in "The Untold Story of Milk"). A piece could investigate challenges faced by cow shares, history of the criminalization, and other underground food movements.

The Complete Patient is a useful site for following raw milk politics.

Canadian Food Inspection agency has killed a whole flock of heritage sheep.

Small farmers facing enclosures/pressure to sell off their farms.


The Planet's Ability To Support Life.

A comprehensive, global oriented, entirely scientific examination of how industrial civilization is endangering the planet's ability to support life, probably with an entire page of references in small print at the end, because keeping the article within constraints would depend on giving references for people to look deeper into each aspect of the problem, with the article focused on the full cumulative effect of all of those combined aspects.

I'm already working on it, but it actually might take more than one article, possibly micro-articles on each aspect that connect to the central narrative of the main article... just a way to make the argument as full and comprehensive as possible, even adding or changing things as close to publication as possible with new information so that it's as up to date as possible as well.  

It's all been covered, but not really in a complete, big picture way, always in spots and gasps, separate issues and scattered regions, some connectivity, but mostly as separate stories.  Putting it together with those constraints could be difficult, but keeping it as short as can be done will make the big picture easier to understand. 

What is the problem?

Is the main source of social and environmental degradation capitalism? Or is it human nature that lacks ethics, that is, a sufficient consideration of how one's actions affect others.



the collapse of the US dollar and global economy 

the New World Order ( and the ruling class of the world)

Highlights of The lack of freedom in the main stream media

Reports on the North American Police State and the military industrial complex

The reporting  of leaked classified information ( ie wiki leaks, new releases) and on whistle blowers,


Most importantly, the cooperative economy and ideas for the future!

Nothing to do with the

Nothing to do with the military I Guess. Conspiracy may true or not, it would be some secret service agency who are behind it.


Master Plaques

Radical left and labour movements in British Columbia

I've recently moved from eastern Canada, and despite my research efforts I have been unable to find comparable serious radical movements on the left coming out of BC. 

At a time when social justice seems to be in serious need, I thought that new, progressive, radical discussions would be easy to come by. 

But,most serious information I came across was from student organizations.  I'm looking for some thing similar to or leftstreamed (

Even though these sites don't claim to be Ontario specific, most of the speakers and writers arnt from western Canada.  Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, or maybe its wishful thinking?

Or, Maybe this is the wrong place to be asking for this type or material.


Red Sparks.

Red Sparks Union are pretty good from what I can tell. I had planned on attending their 'Scrap The Terror List' Discussion last week when I was in Vancouver, but I ended up not making it.



thanks Daniel

Technology, economy, debt

I'd like to see an article that puts the current economic situation in Canada into context. What's actually happening with debt? Are we in a recession still? What does that even mean?

There was a recent article in McLean's about Nova Scotia's barista unionizing efforts (of course it didn't talk at all about queer/trans politics, as we've seen in some great articles from HMC). Would be interesting to see more about the shifts in what "worker struggles" mean.

David Graeber's writing about the social history of debt (and of the whole notion of the "economy") is especially fascinating -- it's more social anthropology than news, but maybe a similar perspective can be brought to a journalistic investigation of debt in Canada.

The Dominion hasn't had any article recently on the technology sector. iPhones, digital tech, internet, are a huge part of most people's lives, but we haven't talked a lot about who are the "affected communities", who is profiting, and what kinds of national policies are currently being enacted around telecommunications.

Random assortment of tech articles can be found on

Reader suggestions via social media

via twitter: literature, poetry, arts & culture. 

 via twitter: Free Market neoliberalism's engineered inequality & poverty

Kim Dockstader via facebook: the struggles of women.

Sandra Cuffe via facebook: Housing and tenants' rights issues in the territories.

Matthew Hougey via facebook: Mental health issues, like forced imprionment and torture of patients in state institutions, violations of basic humanly rights, criminal conduct of patients by the DSH, the courts and county jails, over use of psychotropic drugs, drugging of school children for profit, misuse and the increasing use of 5150s by the police for incarceration with out trial, the destruction of effective mental health services, the flawed science of psycitropic drugs, Anti psychiatry and psychiatric survivors movement. Consumer soulutions for psychiatric services, anything relivent to the Psycho Parmicutical Industrial Complex. Edit, I guess you are Canadian so maybe stick with material relivent to Canada.

Investigative pieces on...

I would like to see some pieces on:

  • Sometimes described as the ALEC of Canada, what exactly is this group up to?
  • What personal data of Canadians is being collected, without our knowledge or consent, by data warehouse/collection companies? Who is using it?
  • The RBC outsourcing scandal pried open the door to mass outsourcing and "in-sourcing" a little bit. What else is going on with outsourcing/insourcing? Is there really a lack of skilled labour in Canada, or is this an attempt to make the labour market more "efficient" (corporate speak for keeping wages low)?
  • Coverage of the upcoming IPCC 5th assessment report
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