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Newsletter: Focus on Latin America, Media Co-op Roundup, and The Dominion gets a facelift

by The Media Co-op

A firecracker goes off during a demonstration in downtown Montreal on the opening night of the Grand Prix. The march was one of the city's 50 consecutive night-time marches against tuition fee increases. Photo by Neal Rockwell.
A firecracker goes off during a demonstration in downtown Montreal on the opening night of the Grand Prix. The march was one of the city's 50 consecutive night-time marches against tuition fee increases. Photo by Neal Rockwell.

Dear Readers,

The July/August issue of The Dominion went to print today, and we can't wait to send it to your mailboxes!

Not a subscriber yet? You'll want to sign up by Sunday afternoon, because you won't want to miss this issue:

Featuring a focus on Latin America, Dawn Paley's explosive new piece on Canada's involvement in training Mexican police officers raises serious questions our country's relationship Mexico's controversial federales. You'll also be able to read pieces about Canada's support for Honduras' post-coup government, and human rights abuses in Colombia thanks to Canuck mining companies – as well as what brave and devoted community organizers are doing about it.

It isn't just the content we're excited about, though, but the container too! The Dominion is going through a facelift to give a fresher look to the serious reporting you've come to expect from us. We hope you like it, and want your feedback too: Let us know what you think by emailing

By becoming a member of the Media Co-op, you not only receive a subscription to The Dominion; you also help fund the reporting, editing, design and background work that make both the magazine and the Media Co-op network possible. Signing up as a monthly sustainer today will help us continue that work.

And a big thank you to everyone who signed up in May. Membership Month was a huge success this year - we'll be sending out a separate note soon with more information!

While you're waiting for issue #83 of The Dominion, make sure to check out some of the pieces from the last two weeks :

  • Get a sneak peek of Emma Feltes' article, “Laboratory, Honduras,” appearing in the July/August issue, online here
  • The Vancouver Media Co-op has been following the fight of the Musqueam First Nation to keep a Vancouver condo development from building on a burial ground.
  • A ground-breaking case on access to health care for First Nations youth began in Halifax this week, and the Halifax Media Co-op has been following the ins-and-outs
  • In Southern Ontario, reports the Toronto Media Co-op, members of Six Nations continue to fight for consultation before energy developments on their land - whether renewable or otherwise.
  • Our hub for all things Quebec student strike-related continues to grow at Make sure to check out the work from the Montreal Media Co-op and other contributors from Quebec and across Canada. If you have videos, photos, articles or audio you'd like to add, create a free account and start posting.
  • Debate about Bill C-38, the Omnibus Bill, may be done in the House of Commons, but it's not over in Canada's streets. Check out 10 reasons we should all oppose Bill C-38.

Have a story you think we should cover? Post your suggestions here.

We're also pleased to announce that we're hiring a co-ordinator for our new “Community Journalism Across Generations” mentorship program. The program will pair veteran, older journalists with early-carreer journalists and media activists. The position is based in Montreal and funded through Heritage Canada's New Horizons fund. Deadline to apply for the co-ordinator position is June 26.

In other hiring news, we're sad to say goodbye to Stephanie Law, who has left as our Vancouver-based editor for exciting new projects in Toronto. But we're excited to announce that long-time Media Co-op contributor Sandra Cuffe has been hired! Welcome Sandra!

Happy reading and in solidarity,

The Media Co-op team


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