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The Media Co-op is seeking Directors!

Now taking nominations for new contributor, editor, and local reps for the Board

by Media Co-op

The Media Co-op is planning our 2012 AGM for September 25, 2012 in Montreal, with meet-ups across the country. Members can also participate via phone and online. Visit this page for details and updates.

In the meantime, nominations for the board are open--we will be electing new Contributor, Editor, and Local representatives! Read on for details on how to run, or how to nominate someone.
The Media Co-op is looking for a new Contributor Member for our Board of Directors!
Do you: Contribute content to the Media Co-op or The Dominion? Want to see the Media Co-op’s coverage grow and improve? Want to be more engaged in the internal operations of the Co-op?
Contributor members include people who have contributed to two issues of The Dominion prior to becoming a member and contributed to at least one issue of The Dominion in the past year, or who have contributed four editor-reviewed posts to any Media Co-op Local website in the past year. A contribution includes but is not limited to: photography, illustration, comics, editing, copy editing and writing.
The Media Co-op is looking for a new Managing Editor Member for our Board of Directors!
Are you involved with the Media Co-op on a day-to-day basis? Do you want to be more engaged in the internal operations of the Co-op?
Managing Editor Members have worked (not necessarily paid work) at least 20 hours per week for the Co-op for three months before becoming a member. To maintain their membership, Managing Editors must have day-to-day involvement with The Dominion, Media Co-op and/or Local Co-ops with breaks away from the paper lasting no more than three months, unless a formal exemption for up to six months as approved by the Board.
The Media Co-op is looking for four new Local Reps for our Board of Directors!
Are you involved with your local of the Media Co-op? Do you want to have more say in what happens at a network level?
Local Reps are current members of one of our four locals (Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal or Halifax) who wish to work on coordinating between groups in their city's local, as well as on helping to build and fortify the national Media Co-op network. We are seeking enthusiastic local reps as we expand our board, with the goal of bringing fresh new perspectives and energy to the organization.
Director terms are three years. In general, the Board meets by conference calls once per month.
The Media Co-op board:
Makes hiring decisions
Bottom-lines the budget process
Clearing house for conflict resolution
Mobilizes members based on member type
Organizes member committees
Undertakes certain fundraising projects
Initiates AGM
Interested in running for the Media Co-op Board? To apply, send a 200 word explanation of why you would like to serve on the Board, along with a photo of yourself, to by September 20, 2012.
Please use "MEDIA CO-OP BoD" in the subject line of the email, otherwise it may not be included.
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