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Basis of Unity: Ottawa WG of the MC

by Ottawa Working Group of the Media Co-op

This is the finalized working version of a Basis of Unity for the Ottawa Working Group of the Media Co-op, worded for when/if we form an Ottawa Chapter of the Media Co-op.

The policies and documents mentioned within are still in some stage of development..


The Ottawa Media Co-op is a non-profit open-publishing news organization, based on a membership organized into a collective, that provides independent coverage that is accurate, investigative and critical of the status quo. Together, we are working to share information and opinion that sheds light on issues of public importance and builds healthy communities.

Through an effective editorial board/policy/process.


The Ottawa Media Co-op is a participatory, anti-hierarchical organization.

By operating through modified consensus.


Both organizationally and in its coverage, the Ottawa Media Co-op aims to eliminate all forms of oppression based on race, ethnicity, class, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, immigration status, country of origin, mental health status, age and ability.

The Ottawa Media Co-op strives to maintain a safe environment that facilitates open and respectful participation of diverse communities. The Ottawa Media Co-op provides a platform for diverse communities and allies to be the producers of their own media, to be decision-makers and agents of their realities and to challenge the mainstream media that produces damaging portrayals of our communities.

Anti-oppression policy; sexual violence policy; conflict resolution policy.


The Ottawa Media Co-op aims to engage, develop, and grow our base of members, readers, and contributors across diverse communities with a focus on empowerment, mutual support and training of our network.

Through a commitment to caring for one another and our respective communities and promoting  the sharing of resources including knowledge, skills, and equipment.


The Ottawa Media Co-op provides a space for and critically engages with individuals and movements combating injustice and challenging illegitimate authority, as well as examining and investigating the alternatives they are creating.

The Ottawa Media Co-op produces grassroots coverage that prioritizes the perspectives of those most adversely impacted by oppression, while building people power and agency. In contrast to the mainstream media, the Ottawa Media Co-op works to reverse peoples’ feelings of powerlessness and learned helplessness, choosing instead to foster engagement in society.

We publicize the open publishing aspect of our website and reach out to such individuals and movements.
We aim to provide coverage in its appropriate context and prioritize stories as explained in our editorial policies.
We provide contributors with reporting guidelines

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