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Imprisoned G20 “Ringleader” Files Human Rights Application Against Ministry of Corrections and Prison

by Mandy Hiscocks

Media Release

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Imprisoned G20 “Ringleader” Files Human Rights Application Against Ministry of Corrections and Prison

A brief press conference will be held at 11:00am, on Thursday, November 22, 2012, outside of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario at 655 Bay Street, Toronto.

Toronto, ON – One year to the date that she and five others pleaded guilty to charges arising from anti-G20 protests, Amanda Hiscocks has filed a human rights application against the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Vanier Centre for Women. Ms. Hiscocks alleges that the Ministry and Vanier Centre discriminate against inmates on the basis of political belief, citizenship, mental health status, disability, gender and other prohibited grounds when placing them in maximum security parts of the prison without access to the programs and services available to those held in medium security.


Amanda Hiscocks, in a statement from Vanier prison:

“In my time here, it’s become clear that the same people who are marginalized in society are penalized and treated unfairly at Vanier. Migrants and people with disabilities shouldn’t automatically be deemed maximum security inmates and denied the limited freedoms and minor privileges others enjoy. Women, poor and indigenous people, and people of colour shouldn’t be submitted to a classification process that’s stacked against them. We also deserve the right to know the reason for our security designation, and the right to challenge it under a fair grievance process.

Prisons will never be about justice, but hopefully the systemic remedies I am seeking in my application will make them a little more fair. Prisoners are deprived of our liberty but we shouldn’t be denied basic human rights and equal treatment.”

Ms. Hiscocks encourages current and former inmates held in provincial jails who believe that they have been subject to discriminatory classification to come forward and join in the application. To get involved in the application, please email

Full statement from Mandy at

Macdonald Scott, No One Is Illegal - Toronto

“Everyday detained immigrants are moved into maximum security prisons with no charge, often only because they were rude to an Immigration Enforcement officer on arrest, or because at some point in time they had contact with the police. When we ask Immigration Enforcement for copies of the policy behind this, they say it doesn't exist. It is hard to see how this can be seen as anything other than discriminatory."

Lenny Olin, DAMN 2025

“People with disabilities in prison routinely have classifications upgraded and are denied adequate supports within the prison system. There are many examples of the ways in which this discrimination happens. If you use a wheelchair or have limited mobility, if you have or are deemed to have needs around mental health support, if you require personal assistance for routine tasks, or if you in any other way challenge the expectations that prison officials have around normalized bodies and behaviours, you are likely to be put into maximum security, or even into segregation. Such discriminatory practices, policies, and clear lack of accessible facilities are inhumane and dangerous.”


Niiti Simmonds, counsel: (416) 703-2067 ext. 259 or

Macdonald Scott, No One Is Illegal, Toronto: (647) 761-3860 or

Lenny Olin, DAMN 2025: (647) 868-3449 or  

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