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420 London Music Festival 2013

Free Public Event - Victoria Park

by Eric Shepperd

420 London Music Festival 2013
420 London Music Festival 2013


420 Festival London to be held in Victoria Park

On April 20th, 2013, a community festival will take place in Victoria Park from 1PM until 6PM. People of all ages are invited to take part in an afternoon of fellowship and celebration with music, food, and merriment. Participants are encouraged to bring drums and other acoustic instruments to join in song or engage in other family-friendly activities. Several musicians will perform throughout the afternoon with home-baked snacks provided. All people of good will are welcome to join in creating a positive and unforgettable experience!

Starting at 4PM, local advocates of cannabis policy reform will speak in support of legalization and normalization standing in opposition to the “War on Drugs”. Countless case studies and professional testimonies have clearly demonstrated the benefits of drug policy reform. Several nations and American states have already pursued legalization strategies with overwhelmingly positive effects: reduction in criminal violence, lower incarceration rates, increased effectiveness of harm-reduction programs, and general improvements in public safety. Legal production and sale of cannabis products can serve to both stimulate the local economy and deny organized crime a revenue source.

In a recent survey, a majority of Canadians answered favourably to legalization or decriminalization of marijuana. Contrary to the desires of Canadian citizens our federal government continues to pursue regressive legislation including harsh penalties for the production, possession, and use of marijuana. Bizarrely, the London Police Service has followed this same ideology and expended considerable taxpayer-funded resources in the surveillance and arrest of people participating in ‘420’ celebrations last year.

The time has come to be reasonable on this subject. Blind support and enforcement of obsolete and nonsensical legislation by our government and police services continues to waste time and money, and causes undue harm to the citizens they purport to protect. ‘420’ celebrations in other cities across Canada are tolerated by local law enforcement in peace. We ask that the London Police Service act in a similarly reasonable fashion.

To make a powerful and profound statement, we invite people of all walks of life to attend and demonstrate their desire for positive change in our society’s approach to cannabis. Whether you use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes or are simply a concerned citizen, your presence is needed to show your support for reasonable change!

Festivities will formally commence at 1PM and last until 6PM. The annual countdown to 4:20PM will be observed as a highlight of the event.

Performers to be announced soon...

Facebook Event:



For media contacts:

Eric Shepperd

519-852-1994 (preferably after 4PM)

Michael Collins

Trisha Day


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