Million Mask March 2014 - London, Ontario

Oct 17, 2014

Million Mask March 2014 - London, Ontario

Greetings London, Ontario, we are Anonymous. On November 5th, 2014 citizens of the world will once again gather for the annual Million Mask March - a celebration of solidarity and collective protest against all exploitive systems of oppression, inequality, environmental destruction and imperialist wars.

The million mask march is an assembly of peaceful individuals coming together united as one front. As a single voice we stand anonymously, against corporate globalization and its neo-liberal ideology. We oppose the development of a national security state, a government that criminalizes dissent, silences critics and invades privacy.

Many that will attend the march have committed themselves to fighting problems plaguing our society and the environment, locally and globally. They resist governments that neglect the people while serving the interests of global imperialists. They work to eliminate poverty, discrimination, exploitation, invasion of privacy, police brutality and military aggression. They demand workers rights, fair wages and accessible education. They fight for injured workers, the rights of women, immigrants and the LGBT community. They stand for indigenous sovereignty, a sustainable environment, clean air and water. They support prisoner justice, freedom of speech, the right to assemble and the right to protest. They take direct action against all that infringes on our natural rights and freedoms. On November the 5th we will march together in solidarity.

We invite all those that feel our leaders are not representing the people and believe a better world is possible. We invite you to participate in the march and listen to inspiring speakers. You’re also welcome to speak at the event. Be reminded, you’re not alone in fighting for your cause. We share our struggles. United the people will prevail, in our communities and against tyranny around the world. 

The Million Mask March is a peaceful demonstration. Gathering begins at 5:30PM in Victoria Park - Central and Richmond. We encourage masks. Any mask will do, but are not required. Anonymous masks, buttons, and other items have been donated and will be available for free at the event. Please be respectful of other participants and bystanders. Help each other have a safe and enjoyable evening.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect Us

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