The Dominion Summer 2016 Special Issue on Land Defence "Warrior Up!" is now online

Sep 5, 2016

The Dominion Summer 2016 Special Issue on Land Defence "Warrior Up!" is now online

You can now read all the articles from the most recent issue of The Dominion online. You can also find our special issue on austerity here.

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Articles in the Summer 2016 Special Issue:

In Dedication to the Late Wolverine, by The Dominion Editorial Collective

Warrior Societies and Land Defence, by Sakej Ward

Unity is a powerful tool against the oppressor, by Suzanne Patles

The Spirit of Ainabka rises as Algonquin First Nations assert lan rights in Canada's capital city, by Debra Huron and Albert Dumont

"i", by Mithcolos Touchie

Experiencing Decolonization and Decolonizing Efforts, by Tami Starlight

Dancing in the Rain: Land Defence is Ceremony, by Danielle Boissoneau

Facing Down the Ring of Fire, interview with Neecha Dupuis

The Path to Biskaabiiyaang, interview with Giibwanisi

The Truth & Reconcilliation Commission Fails to Hold Perpetrators Responsible, by Mike Alexander

"Idle Hands", by Mitcholos Touchie

The Global Crisis & Reconciliation, by Wendy Lynn Larat

Grassy Narrows Blockade 2002-2016, by Judy Da Silva

No Consent, No Pipelines: Resistance at Unist'ot'en, interview with Freda Huson

The Petronas Project and the LNG Pipe Dream, by Ashley Zarbatany

Ts'Peten, by Billy Pierre

A Voice for the Voiceless, interview with Christine Jack

Yakguudang, by Patrika McEvoy

Impact of Biosolids on First Nations Way of Life, by Kay Swakum

Resisting the Site C Dam, interview with Helen Knott

Land defenders press on despite BC Supreme Court Loss, by Jerome Turner

Letting the World Know, interview with Kanahus Manuel

The Voice from Sutikalh, interview with Hubie Jim

Standoff at Gustafsen Lake, interview with Mindy Dick

Colonial Strategies and Land Defence Themes: Featuring the Words of Leona Peterson, by Ashley Zarbatany