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October 12th: Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

by Climate Justice Action

October 12th: Global Day of Action for Climate Justice
(Global Minga)
(Global Minga)

In 2009, indigenous peoples called for a global mobilization ‘in defence of mother earth’ on October 12, reclaiming what used to be ‘Columbus Day’. In response, Climate Justice Action is inviting activists across the world to join a day of direct action for climate justice on October 12, 2010.

The climate crisis has reached a new level. The 2009 UNFCCC Copenhagen Climate Conference (COP15) was a complete failure, and 'our world leaders' are refusing to work together towards real solutions to the climate crisis.

The insanity of such inaction is becoming more and more obvious as extreme global climate catastrophes become more frequent. Right now an estimated 18.7 million Pakistanis are affected by the worst floods in Pakistan’s history. Just last month in Moscow, gas masks were worn on the streets and in homes as a result of the poisoned air caused by fires, pollution and the highest recorded temperatures in the country’s history. This is, of course, in addition to the ongoing environmental exploitation that severely threatens the livelihoods of the global south and all indigenous communities.

However, worldwide activists, organizations and many others are not just standing by. Indigenous communities experiencing climate change catastrophes and all people who care for the health and well being of the rights of Mother Earth are taking the lead towards real change.

We know the fight for climate justice is challenging, but our successes are many and we are building strength! In the last year alone we have seen a series of mobilizations that have turned off production at coal factories, occupied spaces planned for airport construction, dropped banners from sky high locations, held fierce massive public rallies, marches and demonstrations, and numerous more actions.

In an effort to reclaim the day that has traditionally been imposed as ‘Columbus Day,’ indigenous peoples around the world have called for a global mobilization ‘in defence of Mother Earth’. Climate Justice Action has taken up this call and is proposing a global day of direct action for climate justice on October 12, 2010. CJA is not picking specific targets or actions, but is rather calling for all of us to engage, plan and take direct action on this day.

If you are already prepared to take action, let us know what you’re planning by sending an email to us. If you haven’t started there’s still time. Mobilize and plan an action in your city, town or village. Don’t forget to film it and take photos and send them to CJA so we can show off our global force!

There is power in numbers and together we can achieve system change not climate change!

[Here is a Facebook version of this action call-out]


Other Important News:

The COP 16 will be held in Cancun Mexico this December. It is another attempt for governments to make a binding legal agreement that can work towards solving climate change. However, after the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference many climate justice communities have lost all trust in such negotiating processes. Instead we are ready to make the move towards real climate solutions from the ground up!

In response to the COP16, La Via Campesina invites people’s movements around the world to mobilize in order to create 1,000 Cancuns: ‘We call on social movements, popular organizations and all people of the world to organize thousands of protests and actions to reject the false and market solutions.’ For more information see:


About Climate Justice Action (CJA):

CJA is a transnational non-hierarchical direct action network that serves as a resource base for exchange of experiences and seeks to connect and give visibility to (localized) struggles in order to be a tool for movement building. We consider ourselves part of the broader movements for climate and social justice. Anyone agreeing to and acting in accordance with our aims and principles can be part of the CJA network. CJA commits to having regular electronic and face-to-face organizational and strategy meetings to link our struggles—all are invited to become an active part to the process!

Are you or your organization interested in becoming part of the CJA network? If yes, check out our website ( Tell us about your organization, climate struggles, successes and goals. Send us an email (

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CCJN (Canadian Climate Justice Network)

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The Canadian Climate Justice Network mainly is a web site. You can find out more about the project on the "About" page over there.

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Community based adaptations to climate change

On behalf of FANSA (Freshwater Action network) we have launched a programme in kerala (India) called "Community based adaptations to climate change".



We would like to disseminate our experience at all levels

I can help

I will make this quick. I own a National Radio Station in Costa Rica called Rainforest Radio and also have the website which will reach about 1.5 million hits for September...up from 800,000 the month before. We only went on air and online in January. We have several shows in English, but most or in Spanish and even a few in Spanglish. We are a global initiative. We have live programming from 4 am to 8pm and then we go to music through the night with show promos, environmental messages, etc. We have put together an online station in English that starts in November, and I do a weekly show in LA every Wed called Jana of the Jungle. It is fun but serious and discusses global issues, but also discusses what people at home can do to live friendlier with the planet. These tips and pleas of compassion for our world coincide with the topic of the show.

I have lived in the Rainforest of the Osa Peninsula for 15 years. the place National Geographic describes as, "The most biologically intense location on the planet". We have a studio, the first and only located on the Osa Peninsula and another studio in San Jose, Costa Rica. All of our shows are related to environmental issues in Costa Rica and the World.

Please let us think of ways we can do programs with you in both English and Spanish and get your message out there to my audiences around the world. We also have a daily news on our site. Go check out our website. We never expected this to happen so fast, but we have an online audience that is growing 70-100 percent  a month since March, not including our News/Talk 100 percent environmental issues broadcast on radio throughout Costa Rica.

The new chairman of the UN committee on Climate Change is from Costa Rica, Christiana  Figueres.

Be creative, think outside of the box and USE our audience!!

Also understand that I published an International magazine for 14 years. I traveled the world writing and publishing stories regarding conservation issues. My husbands family has been in conservation starting in 1898 in Arusha at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro. The point being that we understand that social and environmental are woven. You cannot be successful in conservation if you do not address the social side of peoples who live in these areas. So we also put a lot of effort, at least 50% dealing with the social side of conservation efforts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jani Schulz

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