Guatemalans attacked by Goldcorp mineworkers

Mar 3, 2011

Guatemalans attacked by Goldcorp mineworkers

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SAN MIGUEL IXTAHUACAN, GUATEMALA--On February 28, people (mainly Mayan-Mam men and women) from villages harmed and damaged since 2004 by Goldcorp's Marlin mine, gathered for a Permanent Assembly coordinated by ADISMI (the Association for the Integral Development of San Miguel Ixtahucan) and FREDEMI (San Miguel Ixtahuacan Defense Front), to draw critical attention to the fact that the government of Guatemala and Goldcorp had not complied with a May 2010 order from the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights to suspend Goldcorp's mining operation.  10 months have gone by, and neither the Guatemala government, nor Goldcorp have complied.


Their protests were violently broken up by Goldcorp mineworkers and other unidentified people.


* A local community member and human rights defender, Miguel Bámaca, was seriously beaten.

* Aniseto López (a member of ADISMI and FREDEMI) was illegally detained by Goldcorp mineworkers, threatened and beaten.

* As a busload of protesters traveled along a public road, they were illegally detained and threatened by Goldcorp mineworkers.

* As many as 17 protesters have been injured and one person hospitalized.

* Phones, cameras and videos-cameras were stolen from people in the protests.


This is not a local, Guatemalan issue.


This is an issue of the governments of Canada and Guatemala, of Goldcorp, of the major investors (like the Canada Pension Plan), etc, who have been informed, over and over, of the environmental and health harms and other human rights violations that have occurred and continue to occur regularly since 2004.


The repression of February 28, 2011, is but the latest "incident".


Over the past years, documentation of the harms and violations has been met by denials and omissions of the governments of Canada and Guatemala, of Goldcorp, of the major investors (like the Canada Pension Plan), etc.


In the next few days, we will prepare a response to the Goldcorp company communiqué and response letters that Goldcorp is sending publicly.


Keep sending letters to your media, your politicians and government officials, to Goldcorp, to the Canada Pension Fund and other funds invested in Golddcorp, etc. Politely insist on getting a response to your concerns and demands.






Chuck Jeannes, President & CEO

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Kim Keras, executive assistant,


Goldcorp Inc

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Tim Miller, VP Operations, Central America,

Dina Aloi, VP Corporate Social Responsibility,, T: (416) 865-0326

David Deisley, legal counsel,

Jeff Wilhoit, investor relations,

BOARD OF DIRECTORS, T: (866) 696-3055, local (604) 696-3055,


GUATEMALA CITY: Jim Schenck,, Lisa Wade,






Governor General of Canada, David Johnston

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Duncan Mousseau, Director, Policy, Planning and Correspondence

Office of the Secretary to the Governor General



Prime Minister Stephen Harper


Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon

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Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas) Peter Kent

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Gilles Duceppe, leader, Bloc Quebecois

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Elizabeth May, leader, Green Party

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Michael Ignatieff, leader, Liberal Party

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Bob Rae, Liberal, Foreign Affairs Critic

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Francine Lalonde, Bloc Quebecois, Foreign Affairs Critic

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Paul Dewar, NDP, Foreign Affairs Critic

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Larry Bagnell, Liberal


Stockwell Day, Conservative, 613-995-1702


Peter Julian, NDP International Trade Critic, Rm 178, Confederation Bldg., Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6


John McKay, Liberal MP, Scarborough-Guildwood

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Claire Lehan, Legislative Assistant

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Kevin Sorenson, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, Room 518, Justice Building, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

(613) 947-4608,, 613-992-2971


Dean Allison, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairperson, 4994 King Street, Beamsville, Ontario, L0R 1B0, 905-995-2772


Marketa Evans, Global corporate responsibility commissioner


CANADIAN Embassy in Guatemala


Ambassador Leeann McKechnie

Karin Reinecke, Assistant to the Ambassador

Jennifer Chacon

13 Calle 8-44 Zone 10, Edificio Edyma Plaza, Ciudad de Guatemala

(502) 2363-4348, 2365-1201,


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