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Statement in response to Magazines Canada’s support for back-to-work legislation for CUPW

by Representatives of independent Canadian publications

As representatives of independent Canadian publications, we were alarmed to see yesterday’s statement from Magazines Canada CEO Mark Jamison applauding Minister of Labour Lisa Raitt’s decision to introduce back-to-work legislation to force locked-out Canada Post employees back to work.  
This statement comes after a week of lobbying on the part of Magazines Canada, ostensibly “on behalf of Canada’s magazine sector,” urging the government to “take immediate action, including legislation, to end this labour dispute before it causes irreparable harm to Canadians, their businesses and our economy.”
As editors and publishers in an industry that critically depends on reliable and efficient postal service to fulfill our obligations to readers, we share Magazines Canada’s concern for the impacts of the lockout on the magazine industry as a whole. However, we categorically oppose the introduction of back-to-work legislation, which denies 48,000 postal workers their fundamental right to collectively negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment. This action is an unnecessary and unjust intervention by the Harper government in support of Canada Post management, and a direct attack on postal workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively.
As members of Magazines Canada, we would like to affirm our appreciation for the indispensable service that postal workers provide to magazine readers, writers and creators alike, and express our support for the struggle of postal workers to defend their right to safe, healthy and fair working conditions.  

Dru Oja Jay, Martin Lukacs, Dawn Paley, Tim McSorley, Moira Peters and Roddy Doucet
Editorial Collective
The Dominion

Valerie Zink and Shayna Stock
Briarpatch Magazine

Cy Gonick
Publisher & Coordinating Editor
Canadian Dimension

Lorraine Endicott

Managing Editor

Our Times

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While I understand your point

While I understand your point of view - how much do your publications rely on subscription revenue and advertising? 

Canada Post back to work legislation

A postal worker thanks you very much for your support. This was never about money for us -it was about keeping what we already had, protecting our sick leave in a corporation  (federal) with one of the highest injury rates, serious safety issues around new equipment and the determination that no one else should work beside us and be paid less. Postal workers care  about the job they do and are proud of the fact that our Union brought many things to the Canadian public over the years (maternity benefits etc).

But this has gone far beyond the fight of Canada Post workers -who by the way made this company what it is. Harpers choice of language in the back to work legislation shows his intention to hurt us at every turn . Full offer selection is rare but this is how he can ensure that CP keeps the upper hand.

This will set a precedent -if any of you out there reading this care about democracy and believe we, as a nation have the right to bargain collectively (regardless of wether your on the Canada Post worker's side) then please let your voice be heard.


Most of our revenue comes from subscribers and sustainers...

...but that's not the point. The postal workers and their rights are the first line of defense against the what is shaping up to be four years of conservative assault on workers rights.

Back to work legislation would set a terrible precedent and would contribute to shifting the social fabric of Canada toward a disempowered workforce and deeper inequality.

It's time for everyone to stand up for workers' rights and make sacrifices if necessary, for the greater good.

You Don't Speak For Me

Please refrain from identifying yourselves "As representatives of independent Canadian publications." You do not represent me, nor do you represent anyone else I have spoken with regarding this situation. How dare you be so damn presumptuous when you haven't a clue what you write about?

Hey Jaded, All the

Hey Jaded,

All the signatories to this letter are independent publications. So we are representatives of independent publications. We never claimed to speak on behalf of all small, independent publications.

While we clearly identified ourselves and what our opinion is, I'm curious about why you've refrained from identifying yourself, your link to independent magazine publishing in Canada, or your reasons for believing that we "don't know what [we] are talking about."

response to the statement supporting BTWL

Thank-you for clearly stating the facts of the case. The BTWL* is unecessary as we were in negotiations since last summer.  Canada Post as you stated is not the only corporation that is playing upon the fears of public and business owners.  We were working even though we were being threatened while on the job with loss of  basic healthcare coverage as well as being told we wouldn't be covered if we were injured on the job.

In my three years at CPC, I've seen terrible treatment of the longtime employees. I see people who aren't able to stand upright due to crushed and damaged bodies. CPC although making a good profit still must deal in the real world, so to increase their bottom line the will attack service protocols and blame it on the workers.  It's crazy inside there. They are also trying to force the 'expensive', injured workers, into quitting.  The harrassment is awful to witness.

Please be aware none of the bad business practises I've seen and experienced are going to go away.  They are entrenched and will continue unabated.  I'm getting out as soon as I can.

Good luck to us all!



BTWL*  Back to Work Legislation

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