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Standing our Ground: The Media Co-op's Annual Review

by Media Co-op

Standing our Ground: The Media Co-op's Annual Review

The last year has presented many challenges and opportunities for independent media organizations in Canada. Here at the Media Co-op, thanks to our contributors, readers, volunteers and editors, we've done our best to rise to the occasion.

If you want to know more about what we've been up to - from our grassroots coverage to strengthening our network - check out Standing our Ground, the Media Co-op's 2011 Year in Review.

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68 words


good report/good work

but just wondering about how the sustainer income vs sustainer revenue to locals works?

it seemed like there was something up, with Vancouver getting over $10,000, over twice what the Vancouver sustainers brought in, while Halifax got slightly less to their local than their local sustainers brought in...

i though maybe it had something to do with the olympics, but by that token a lot of $$ should of gone to Toronto too, for the G20, but it didn't - Toronto got around half ot the money their sustainers brought in

anyways, it just struck me as odd, and i got to wondering how it works...

As far as I know the

As far as I know the discrepency there has to do with the fact that the VMC got a $4000 grant from Freedonia, 100% of which goes to the local.

Thanks for asking!


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