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The Media Co-op is Hiring: Halifax Editor

by The Media Co-op

Work with the Media Co-op!
Work with the Media Co-op!

The Media Co-op is hiring!

We're looking for a local editor to co-ordinate coverage and work with contributors and Media Co-op members in Halifax.

The Halifax Local Editor will bottom-line development of content from Halifax and will contribute to developing national content along with the other members of the Media Co-op editorial collective. The editor will also work to develop strong links with various communities across Nova Scotia, but especially in Halifax, including members of the Halifax Media Co-op. The Editor will also be responsible for fundraising tasks, including soliciting advertisers, obtaining grants, and broadening the co-op’s membership base.


  • Aid in editorial decision-making
  • Correspond with writers and edit their work
  • Work in conjunction with Nat'l Fundarising & Membership coordinator on issues of outreach and fundraising
  • Work in conjunction with Nat'l Ed't Coordinator in:
    • developing posting schedule
    • training volunteer editors
    • publishing print issue of The Dominion
  • Updating Dominion & Media Co-op websites
  • Stay in contact with local editorial collective


  • Editing and writing experience
  • Fundraising experience
  • Familiarity with office admin software (word processing, spreadsheets)
  • Experience with web publishing tools and social media an asset
  • Experience with design & desktop publishing software an asset
  • Commitment to social justice
  • Commitment to alternative/independent media
  • Able to work autonomously
  • Strong ties with and knowledge of the various communities and organizations in Halifax
  • Experience in organizations with consensus decision-making an asset
  • Experience working with the Halifax Media Co-op an asset

This is a 10hr/week permanent position located in Halifax.   Salary is $10.25/hr. The position is virtual; candidates must have access to a computer and internet connection.

To apply, please submit a cover letter (no more than 400 words) and CV to with HALIFAX LOCA L EDITOR in the subject line by 5pm AST on October 28th, 2011. Interviews will take place early in November, with a projected starting date of December 1.

The Media Co-op has an employment equity policy in effect. People from marginalized communities, including women, Aboriginal people, visible minorities, people with disabilities, Deaf people, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, two-spirited people, transgendered and transsexual people, and working class people are especially encouraged to apply. Please indicate in your cover letter if you would like to be considered for employment equity.

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"Salary is $10.25/hr. The position is virtual; candidates must have access to a computer and internet connection."

Even for alternative media, this is outrageous exploitation. When you subtract the overhead costs the editor must absorb, the wage is surely well below the minimum. I guess you expect the editor to get a comparatively well-paying McJob (minimum wage) to survive.

Hi Eric, I agree that this

Hi Eric,

I agree that this pay is much lower than it should be.  I want to make clear, however, that everyone who currently gets paid by the Co-op is being paid minimum wage.  Also, since it's a Co-op, there is no boss.  The pay is what has been collectively decided as what's possible for the Co-op and everyone who is being paid is being paid the same amount - most people are volunteers.  We are trying to build up our membership/sustainer base so that journalists and editors can be paid well for the work that they do.  This will take a long time, however, as we don't have corporate funding like most media outlets.  If you appreciate the work that we do, please consider becoming a sustaining member (click the Join/Donate link at the top for more info).

Thanks for your feedback.


Ya, it does suck. But to put

Ya, it does suck. But to put it in perspective,  I'm one of the editors in Toronto, and I'm paid nothing.  But normally I'm totally, 100% against unpaid internships and the like and refuse to do them.  But with media co-op we have local autonomy, so it's not like I'm working for someone else, or even a volunteer coordinator- I do what I want with the time I spend for Toronto Media Co-op, and on my own time. Its able to help me get projects off the ground, like this 99 broadsheet we are doing to cover occupy Toronto. I see the media co-op, right now, as a way for indie media people to network and work together to cover things. I hope that one day we can pay all our writers and editors, but I know that we aren't there yet. It's still fucked up though, but for me alternative media is part of how we can help change this world so that no one is underemployed. 

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