VIGIL - Raise your voice against horrific sexual violence in Manipur, India

Jul 24, 2023

VIGIL - Raise your voice against horrific sexual violence in Manipur, India

Demand justice and dignity for women from the minority, Dalit and Indigenous communities

Monday July 24, 6pm
Metro Parc, Place de la Gare-Jean-Talon, Montreal

Montrealers will be gathering to protest and express our outrage over the horrific sexual violence in Manipur, India.
On July 20, viral videos of women being paraded naked surrounded by hundreds of men were circulated, blatantly exposing the ethnic violence in the state. The impunity of the mob and the lack of law and order has encouraged the violence.

We rage against the impunity of the mob!

We Demand the Dismissal of Manipur Premier Biren Singh!

We Demand Justice for the Kuki-Zo Women who were Brutally Assaulted!

The Indian state has repeatedly condoned violence against women. The nine (9) men who gang raped Bilkis Bano and murdered her kids and family were pardoned, and lauded as honourable by the same BJP. Once again the BJP government at the centre is shedding crocodile tears after the two Kuki-Zo women in Manipur were stripped of dignity and gang raped while not taking any action for months when SOS were launched by these marginalized communities.

We denounce the state that condones violence against women;

We rage against impunity with regard to the bodies of women;

We demand justice and dignity for all women, particularly women belonging to minority, Dalit, and Indigenous communities.

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Photo: @SAsiaSolidarity

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