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The Status Quo!

Proposed by - The Status Quo

Preamble (250 words Max): Why fix something that isn't broken!  Ok, things got a little rocky for the Media C-op last year, but that's just the nature of a leftist, decentralized, anarchist, membership-based, grassroots project.  It's not going to get any better than this any time soon, so lets just stick with what we know and what works!

The Media Co-op had over 2800 pieces published last year and almost 2 MILLION views on our site. Why change now? 

Why do you think the current set up in the Media Co-op isn't working?

It is!  Look at everything we've been able to accomplish since 2008!  Let's keep it going!

What would be the main thing you propose to change?

Nothing. The Media Co-op is a utopia of progressive change…it's only a matter of time before the current corporate media crumble in our wake.

Why should members vote for this option?

Because this option works!  And they want to support everything that Dominion/Media Co-op has done so far!

The details:

How would your proposal change the Co-op in terms of how it operates now?

It wouldn't.

What kind of things that we're funding or pouring energy in do you think should be redirected?

Referendums on the what direction we should take.

Redirected into what?

I think we should be spending more time soliciting content, getting members to subscribe and sustainers in the current manner we are doing it.

How many issues should we have if any?

6 a year with one special issue.

What kind of split in terms of local vs. national revenues?

Locals currently get 90% of donations and 50% of all memberships that originate in their City.  Overall this means that locals get a clear and defined chunk of overall revenue, while the remaining money remains with national to spend on admin and the Dominion. Staff and printing the Dominion make up the biggest expense for National.

We would keep it this way!

How many staff should the co-op have?  Should they be concentrated centrally or spread out amongst the locals? Split evenly among all?

We currently have 2 staff in the National office, an addition position funded through a research partnership and some locals fund positions themselves.  We would see it stay this way, depending on our financial capability.

In your proposal who will be responsible for some of the more important duties: membership entry, summer grant oversight, finances and bills, board support, web-duties, etc.

Currently our staff undertake this in Montreal with support from volunteers and should continue doing so.  That said, no one is currently undertaking some in-depth web-duties so we'll need to either pay for those or find other volunteers who can take them on.

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