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Plastic Water Bottle Take Down

by John Paul Jacobson

The message is incredibly simple. Leave three 2 liter vases of local tap water standing to rid the trace amounts of chlorine. Use these containers of water in rotation for all drinking and cooking purposes. Don't buy another plastic water bottle again... ever. You will also eliminate Biphenol leakage into your diet, make a serious dent in landfills, and save enough money to go camping for a month. In India it is (still, I hope) against the law to deny anyone a drink of your water.

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Topics: Environment

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Push for Municipal Ban on Bottled Water!

Media Event for World Water Day 2009

A broad-based coalition of organizations in Nova Scotia, including the Ecology Action Centre and Oxfam Canada has come together to convince municipalities and school boards that the sale and provision of bottled water in their facilities is a very 'un-green' and 'un-economical' thing to be doing.

The coalition will be making a toast to public tap water with Halifax City Councilors and presenting them with a giant water bottle tower on Friday March 20th 2009 at a media event at Parade Square in front of City Hall. The water bottle tower will be constructed from empty plastic water bottles found in the garbages of municipal buildings.

The coalition would like to encourage everyone to come to Parade Square at 11 am on Friday March 20th to take part in a toast to public water and encourage all municipalities in Nova Scotia to consider banning the sale of bottled water in municipal buildings and re-investing in water infrastructure by providing better access to drinking fountains.

Did you know that in 2007 Halifax Regional Municipality bought and went through 78,000 bottles of water!!

Come out and help convince our municipal leaders that bottled water’s 15 minutes are up and the tap is back!!

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