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Vancouver Resists Neo-Nazism

by Isaac Oommen

Arriving at Braid Station, the Anarchist contingent
Police Hate Crime Unit talks to those accused of using hate speech
Global TV tries to talk to two people accused of spitting on the anti-racism banner
The chant from the crowd below was "Jump!"
In contrast to the two, 300 people showed up in solidarity with eliminating racism
Vancouver Resists Neo-Nazism
Vancouver Resists Neo-Nazism
Global TV cameraman asking how his station is biased
Alleged undercover cops, later seen talking to Hate Crime Unit
Victory at Braid
The rally continued at the Vancouver Art Gallery

300 people gathered at Braid skytrain station on March 21 in solidarity with the International Day for the Elimination of Racism.

"We're here to help end racism, in solidarity with those who died in South Africa in 1960 fighting the apartheid there," a masked anarchist explained.

Groups present in the action included among others, Anti-Racist Action, the Anti-Poverty Committee, Progressive Cultural Centre, No One Is Illegal and the Communist Party of Canada.

Also on the day's objectives was to confront a rumoured neo-Nazi rally that was to begin at the same station.

"Those boneheads will not being holding a hate rally in my town," said an adamant masked Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP) activist.

The Anarchist contingent made up the front line confronting any white supremacists. Only one real confrontation occurred involving two persons who spat on the anti-racism banner, but quickly ran on-board a departing skytrain.

Rally organizers called it a resounding success, and continued their demonstration downtown at the Vancouver Art Gallery, where they chased off a further three neo-Nazis.

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Topics: Solidarity

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isaac (Isaac K. Oommen)
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I am so relieved that this demo was a resounding success-when I read in the media that these racists were coming to march in the Lower Mailand I posted that I hoped they would be stopped at the border, but it looks as if it was wishful thinking on some creepy fascist's part that any of this would come to pass...happy to see that Greater Vancouver came out in droves and didn't let this happen..thanks for restoring my faith!

It is time for the "racist"

It is time for the "racist" to be the "minorit"!!!

Vancouver Resists common sense and intelligence

What a bloody joke! Anti-Racist Action is nothing but a conglomeration of hate-filled adolescents and thugs born and bred within a cultural milieu created by the Zionists. And for the Communist Party of Canada to be screaming and carrying "anti-racist" slogans has to be the height of bigotry and hypocrisy. The Communists have been directly responsible for more racism and genocide and slaughter than any other single entity in world history. The Bolsheviks themselves orchestrated at least 40 million deaths of Christians within the Soviet Union between 1917 and the 1960s and China's Mao was responsible for the "liquidation" of at least another 20 million Chinese nationalists who didn't fancy joining the "Revolution."

As for the real bonehead, fake "Anarchist" hiding his puerile face behind a mask and his ranting about a "rumoured neo-Nazi rally" whoever he was he certainly wasn't an Anarchist. More likely a two-faced Zionist interloper from the equally phoney ARA group of childish and ignorant imbeciles.

"Rally organizers called it a resounding success...." Really? A success of what? Stupidity, inanity, vanity and immaturity on the part of social deviants and mental misfits? In that sense I suppose it might be construed as being a resounding success. 300 hooligans to chase off 3 "neo-Nazis." My goodness, such a deal!

No self-respecting Anarchist would be caught dead hanging out with these ARA thugs and Commies. Maybe Isaac Oommen ought to rethink his historic analysis regarding commies and Anarchists.


How entertaining

CrArthur, your paranoid little rant gave me a good few minutes of entertainment. I read it aloud to some peeps so they could enjoy it as well. With talent such as this you should not confine yourself to reply board, but should be on a milk crate on the busiest street corner englightening all of us with your "historical analysis."

Topham Looniness

Topham's buddies

Arthur Topham promotes racist conspiracy theories about Jews and works with major fascist organizers in Canada, Paul Fromm and Douglas Christie.

"Paul Fromm and I have been working together on issues for close to a decade now after first meeting online while I was printing my hard copy edition called The Radical."

-Arthur Topham


Fuck them all forever. We will not forget.

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