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Don't frack with us!

These photos are from a London, Ontario protest against fracking.

Part of the rally call-out said -

Fracking is a toxic, dangerous, and wasteful form of natural gas extraction that we may see around London, Ontario. The water pollution is the worst of the fracking impacts. Tap water has become flammable after fracking is done to break gas out of nearby shale rock. A stew of toxic chemicals is pumped into each gas well, and radium is one of many underground substances that can be unintentionally released during this extraction.

In spite of all of those dangers, there are plans for shale gas exploration around London -
In addition to water contamination, we also should be concerned about explosion risks, air pollution, water depletion, methane greenhouse gas releases, earthquakes, increased truck traffic, and deforestation.

If you are worried about all of these threats from fracking, please come out to this rally to show your concern, and learn more about what we are up against.

Another section of that rally call-out said -

This London rally also is being arranged in solidarity with others who are fighting fracking elsewhere in this region of North America.

Even if there were no fracking in London or directly beside London, the water supplies for the city still are threatened by plans for this shale extraction around Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

In Ontario, tens of thousands of acres of land already have been purchased by a Calgary company that is looking to start fracking in Lambton and Chatham-Kent, directly beside Walpole Island. Shale extraction also might be done at Kettle Point, or elsewhere along the Great Lakes.

In the U.S., fracking is being challenged in Ohio, Michigan, and in other states that share the Great Lakes with us.

Nicole took a lot of these photos.

Shawn also has posted some more photos on Facebook.

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