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Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"

by Cameron Fenton

Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"
Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"
Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"
Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"
Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"
Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"
Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"
Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"
Climate Justice Ottawa Drops Banner in Parliament "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"

At 11:00 a.m. this morning organizers with Climate Justice Ottawa dropped a banner in the rotunda of the Canadian Parliament reading "If They Won't Take Action on Climate Justice, We Will!"

The youth also began a sit-in "Peoples Assembly" calling for Canadian politicans to begin open and sincere consultations with communities across the country. They delivered 5 demands to parliament

1. Lead, follow, or get out of the way
At the upcoming UN Climate Summit in Cancun, Canada should be the first nation from the global north to adopt the emissions reductions and temperature rise limitation targets of 300ppm and 1 degree celsius, presented by the largest gathering in history of directly impacted communities at the April 2010 World People's Summit on Climate Change and Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  The first step to achieving this and repaying our climate debt is accepting the Cochabamba Declaration text presented at the UN Summit.

2. Shut Down the Tar Sands
Tar sands developments are on course to destroy a section of the boreal forest the size of England, and are Canada's fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. The direct pollution from tar sands developments is poisoning the Athabasca River watershed and surrounding lands, and is a health catastrophe for impacted communities who are experiencing high rates of cancer and a loss of traditional food sources.  Therefore, we call for an immediate moratorium on present and future tar sands expansion projects, a phase out of existing projects, and to hold corporations responsible for environmental destruction while facilitating a just transition for workers out of destructive industries.

3. No more Tax Breaks or Subsidies for Oil Companies
Oil companies received more than $2.8 billion dollars in government tax breaks and subsidies in 2008. These subsidies lower the cost of oil and promote the use of dirty fossil fuels when we should be transitioning to clean forms of energy.  Therefore, we call for an immediate end to government financing of environmentally and socially destructive industries.

4. Invest in Community Solutions
Community-based renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydro need to be developed in a way that does not damage natural ecosystems, meaning energy production must be controlled by communities and not corporations. Current subsidies and systems of agriculture decrease healthy food choices, contribute to  ecological destruction, and hurt small scale farmers, while a shift towards community-controlled diversified agriculture leads to healthier people and ecosystems.  There are more efficient ways of transporting people and products than building mass highways;  Canada needs to invest in solutions that re-imagine how we move around within and between cities through the localization of production, bicycle infrastructure, and accessible public transit. Ultimately, federal

5. Reject False Solutions
Canada currently relies heavily on technofixes, such as promoting biofuel projects where the amazon rainforest is slashed and burned to grow corn to put in our cars and investing over $3 billion in expensive and unproven carbon capture and storage technology.  Furthermore, solutions such as carbon trading and offsets turn our atmosphere into a commodity to be bought and sold, allowing corporate lobbying to export responsibility for reductions to elsewhere and perpetuating inequality. Instead of wasting billions on band-aid solutions that ignore the root of the problem, Canada needs to take action at changing unequal and unsustainable systems of production, consumption, and distribution....

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FULL Support for Canadian Youth People's Assembly's Sit-In

Only a sick person could watch young adults protest such an obvious problem as Climate Change and not support them.   Wake up politicians and...

  • commit to 350 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere
  • cut perverse subsidies to fossil fuel industry
  • shut down the Tar Sands and it's destruction and diseases
  • invest in conservation and community based renewable energy
  • stop supporting and investing in false solutions such as biofuels, carbon capture and storage, carbon trading and offsets and other scams

Your bubble will burst as well.  Let's move in the right direction NOW




You are all heros to me!

Thank you for fighting for the planet!

Myself and thousands of others (who are not as able to be as active in demonstrations) fully support your endevours and appreciate everything you guys are doing to make this a better world to live in. Many of of are doing our best to avoid using products that cause the destruction of the biosphere. Many don't vote these days because there is no real difference in the choices out there, that said, the best we can do is vote with our dollars, our voices, our banners, and our demonstrations.

We can't thank you enough!


One love

Jake A

Climate Youth Action in Parliament

I'm so proud of this courageous and necessary action.  Our government is so far out of touch, its astounding.  Children of the future -- some of us are doing our best! 


Fantastic action but take a camera and a photographer with you next time, not some kid with a cell hone.

tar sands song from Texas

Please go to Tar Sands Song eddie radillo. We too are seriously concerned and do not wish to experience the adverse affects of the terrible tar sands. A pipeline is scheduled to come through our county here in Texas and we have see the devastation a break in the pipe can cause with this highly toxic oil, in Kalamazoo MI.

Thank You for your article, feel free to pass this song around to whomever you wish.


Eddie Radillo

Yantis, Tx

Deep gratitude

It is tempting to ignore federal politics because of how sold out it is to corporate interests and how deeply anti-democratic it has become.

But there are good MPs and candidates worth supporting. And our tax dollars do make a difference. We could be doing so much more to prepare for a low-carbon, more life-friendly future.

So thank you, activists and the Dominion News Cooperative, for taking action and getting the story out.

I was on tour of the building

I was on tour of the building in time to see them bring dragged down the back stairs. It didn't seem like a very effective protest, to be honest. There weren't many people around to see it. Surely there is a more mature way to do this than being dragged out of the building on your butt, screaming.

More Mature Way

"Surely there is a more mature way to do this, than..." Great, then do it, everyone's efforts count.


We talk about getting the word out on stopping the
tar sands and how we cand ovecome the investors and the push to continue their project. A great way to bring thei nasty deeds to the public's attention to see our side, is to be creative, create songs, be it rap, country,or whaever, and it this message on gthe radio, t.v. etc. Obviously it will take the younge generation to seriously et involved because when we older folks are dead and gone, the younger folks are having to deal with spills etc.,such as the one in Kalamazoo, MI. Surely, Enbridge assured those folks that everything was safe for their communities, but look what happened in July, 2010. There are photos of the catastrophic Tar Sands Oil Spill. Victims were forced to flee their homes, wetlands cannot be cleaned up, for fear of further damage to them. Property values, health, contamination,who gets to inherit this nightmare? Our youth. Meaningful protests through are media; in my case, the song I wrote should be used as tools to get people involved in protesting further nightmares from occuring. Go to:
There you can click on the red stop sign logo to hear the protest song I wrote about Tar Sands. Put the song on your facebook and share it with everyone you know. Encourage them to share it as well. Thanks Good Luck to all of us.

Finally checked out our video

Thanks Ed, we'll be passing that around. I'll email it to Dru who's organizing the Everyone's Downstream conference happening in Edmonton right now.

Unfortunately you can't have

Unfortunately you can't have climate activists fairly representing the views of everyone accross the movement, but I wish they wouldn't have opposed cap and trade. 

To me, cap and trade seems more resonable than regulation because some companies can find ways to reduce their carbon footprint more easily than others.  With regulation, I'm sure you could design a policy that works around this issue, but if each firm was only allowed to produce a fixed amount, you'd have to account for firm size and number of firms in the industry (you would be regulating carbon-intensity rather than overall emissions).  As well, a great bonus with the cap and trade system could be that anyone could buy credits.  NGOs could rally funds to buy credits, and decrease the amount of carbon that could be legally emitted.

Still, I really commend these people for having the guts to do this, and am thankful that people are channeling the sense of urgency needed to react to climate change.

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