Media Co-op Referendum 2015 is Go!

Jun 27, 2015

Media Co-op Referendum 2015 is Go!

How do you decide the direction for a massive National News Co-operative? 

After batting around a number of plans and ideas we’re happy to announce that the Media Co-op is holding a Referendum on our direction.

The Referendum is meant to let our membership decide which direction to take. Should we print more issues or less? Put our money into local grassroots-based infrastructure or national coordinating infrastructure? How many staff should we have nationally and local levels? These are some of the questions that we will ask our members to answer.

Below are some of the current options for the Media Co-op that have been proposed  or are in progress.  Got your own idea or plan?  Email the board at with your plan and someone will contact you to get your option up!

Voting in the Media Co-op referendum is scheduled for to coincide with the launch of our next Special Issue. Specific dates are still to be determined. 

How to Vote: Media Co-op members will be able to vote in the referendum on this site via an online voting system or via mailing in a ballot.  Ballots will be sent to members via mail.

Current Options on the Table:

Option - Status Quo
Proposed by the Status Quo

Option - More Centralization
Proposed by The Media Co-op Board Special Transition Committee 

Option - Your Option Here!

Email to propose it!