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January 22nd, 2014 - Board Meeting - Minutes

Dawn, Tim, Sharmeen, Roddy, Miles, Nat, Arij
Minutes from December 17
Moved by Sharmeen, seconded Arij. 
Conflict resolution
Dru: We need a conflict resolution policy, but I'm in a conflict with Arij, which means I can't work on it, but it's slightly more urgent.
Sharmeen: I can draft a CR policy for the next meeting.
-Formation of fundraising committee (Dru and Arij, Sharmeen as backup): not done; discussion deferred.
-Letter to staff about scenarios in case of financial difficulties (Dru): didn't do it, will do it this week.
-Staff binders/orientation of new board members - Dawn to talk to Sharmeen about this: followup happening.
-Finalize "between-meeting decision making process" policy: finalized; policy passes.
-Tim will ask Jessica for follow-up on Sandra's taxes (no answer yet, will follow up again): [sorry, I missed the update on this -doj]
-Crystel to work on motion from AGM about 50% of content budget going to online content: [sorry, I missed the update on this -doj]
-Tim and Maryann to follow-up on filing appropriate documents about the board and AGM with the fed'l and prov'l govts: [sorry, I missed the update on this -doj]
Financial update
We have responses from 3/4 locals about our request to locals to forgo remittances or perhaps consider remittances as loans to help us with our budget crisis. 
HMC: wants to keep remittances and get back remittances ASAP.
TMC: willing to forgo, August-March, would like to discuss repayment
VMC: willing to forgo, August-March
Miles: When can we expect a cheque?
Tim: Should be able to send ASAP, Aug-Nov inclusive (no actuals for Dec yet).
Tim: Cashflow is up to date, up to November, with projections from Dec-March. We're in the black at the end of March. Finance committee is meeting soon, but we're in the red by April.
Tim: Hoping to see increase when we get December actuals, hopefully in the next week.
Tim: We adopted a 2 year budget, so we'll keep using that budget.
Tim: Need to focus on eliminating monthly deficits, which hover between $1500 and $2000 per month.
Tim: Expecting end of year deficit to $7200, which is about $4000 less than we previously expected. Yay!
Roddy: We should see a bump of about $1300 from first time subscribers and sustainers.
Miles: Good fundraising tip is to not stick to the script necessarily, use your own personality and point of view.
1: Shepherd a sustainer or subscriber. - Everyone.
2. Are you a Sustainer? Please give the co-op $5/month. - Everyone?
3. Kickstarter campaign. Lots of work to get it going - video, etc. - Dru, Dawn, Martin?
4. MMM core team: Arij, Sharmeen
5. Board report to members. 1 lead and one support needed: Arij, Tim
6. Ambassador in the Community. Identify one community event per quarter: Everyone?
7. Ongoing Asks. Just ask people for money: ?
8. Opening Doors. Need to get our message out to new people via other orgs. ?
Additional Items
The rest of the agenda was deferred to meeting to be arranged next week.
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