"Differential treatment": white managers versus migrant farm workers

Photo from a Justice for Migrant Workers campaign they ran in 2013 on the matter now before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

A group of migrant farm workers are going after the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in a landmark hearing, alleging the latter racially profiled them during a criminal investigation in 2013, thereby violating section one of the Human Rights Code.

Analysis | The Fall of Kabul through the Western Media lens

Morning in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

The Western media coverage of the Taliban's takeover of Kabul on August 15, 2021, demonstrates changing phases of how the group has been portrayed. During America's cold war against the Soviet Union, President Ronald Regan branded the Taliban as equals to America's Founding Fathers, then, when they were not America's allies, the Taliban was portrayed as "ultraconservative," "brutal fighters," and "human rights abusers."

Canada invades Wet'suwet'en territory, again, for a pipeline company

Brave, non-violent Indigenous resistance to colonial military sparks solidarity actions around the country
What is happening with Canada enforcing the CGL injunction on Wet'suwet'en territory
Photo of Wet'suwet'en spokeperson Sleydo' (left) drumming shortly before the RCMP's invasion. Photo credit: Michael Toledano

On Friday, November 19, 2021, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) once again invaded Wet'suwet'en Yinta (territory). The Wet'suwet'en traditional government had previously evicted pipeline company Coastal GasLink (CGL) from the territory in January 2020. CGL did not respect that eviction order, most recently by preparing to drill the pipeline route under the Wedzin Kwa (Morice River).

First Nations Strategic Bulletin - October 2021 Issue

Photo of Justin Trudeau outside the former Kamloops Residential School, October 18, 2021.

Click the file attachment after the table of contents to access the First Nations Strategic Bulletin: October 2021 Issue.

Trudeau vs. AFN, page 1
FNCFS Statement, 18
Trudeau Gov’t Appeal, 19
AFN Reacts to Appeal, 20
ISC Statement, 22
Contact Us, 24
AFN Summary-Sept. 30, 23

Click here to view the PDF of the First Nations Strategic Bulletin: October 2021 Issue

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ANALYSIS: Name Them All -- We Need a Public Cop Offender Registry

The need to identify offender police publicly.
Several police on top of person on the ground

In the first week of November 2021, a report came out that six Toronto police officers had been found guilty of discreditable conduct for making derogatory social media comments about prominent critics of police, who are Black-criminal defence lawyer Selwyn Peters and author Desmond Cole. Notably, the Toronto police report into the officers was kept secret by the force, and was, in fact, never intended to see the light of day.

Canadian Police-Involved Deaths in October 2021

Police killings in October, 2021.
Prince Albert Police SUV. Photo: Prince Albert Police Twitter

Canadian police continued their horrific violence throughout the month of October, with a dozen people killed by police or left dead through police actions. This matched September as the most deadly month for police violence in Canada. There were 11 police-involved deaths in July.

Working with Indigenous Communities in Canada on Research, Cultural Mapping and Planning Processes

Working with Indigenous communities in Canada on research, cultural mapping, and planning processes

Linked below is a PowerPoint presentation Russ Diabo delivered to the First Nations University of Canada INDG 201 Class on Canada’s colonial context, the burden of proof legal tests, the framework for self-determination plans and elements for developing a community research plan. Click the link to access the PowerPoint file.

Click here to view the PDF of the Indigenous Virtual Pedagogy Presentation, October 2021

CANDRIP (Bill C-15): Canada's Tool for Re-Colonization

CANDRIP (Bill C-15) Canada's Tool for Re-Colonization

Linked below is a PowerPoint presentation Russ Diabo delivered to the Indigenous Pedagogy Virtual Academy reviewing the key articles on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and the content and issues arising from the Canadian federal UNDRIP law, Bill C-15, which is known by many people as CANDRIP, a Canadian domestic law version of UNDRIP. Click the link below to access the PowerPoint file.

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How food workers are building solidarity across borders and industries

From Ontario orchards to Mexican Starbucks, workers are demanding better conditions, and working together to make it happen
What happened at Martin's apple farm and how did other food workers respond in solidarity?
Group of eight people outside a Starbucks in New York, holding signs in support of workers at Martin’s Family Fruit Farm in Ontario. Nov 25, 2020. Photo: Justicia for Migrant Workers
One person outside a Starbucks in Mexico, holding up a sign in support of workers at Martin’s Family Fruit Farm in Ontario. Nov 25, 2020. Photo: Justicia for Migrant Workers
Justicia for Migrant Workers poster published in advance of the solidarity actions at Starbucks locations in November 2020. Main text reads "These are our lives that we are talking about protecting. We have to stand up for what's right so we can go home to our families healthy." - Worker at Martin's Family Fruit Farm

Image: Action outside a New York Starbucks, in solidarity with migrant workers who went on strike over COVID-19 safety at Martin’s Family Fruit Farm in Ontario. Nov 25, 2020. Photo: Justicia for Migrant Workers


What does a Starbucks in Mexico have to do with an apple farm in Ontario? A lot, it turns out.

Nineteen Arrested in Nationwide Joint Extinction Rebellion Rallies

Strawberry at the Vancouver Airport. Photo credit: Dorothy Settles
Land Defender blocking runway in Nanaimo. Photo Credit: Extinction Rebellion Nanaimo
Arrests at the Vancouver Airport. Photo Credit: Dorothy Settles

On October 25, 2021, Extinction Rebellion held joint actions at airports throughout Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo, to address how aviation contributes to emissions causing climate change. Key roads were blocked, affecting flights in Vancouver and Nanaimo. In Vancouver, eighteen people laid on a major road leading to runways were arrested and released with mischief charges. One person who occupied a tarmac at the Nanaimo airport was also arrested.

Justice for Jared Lowndes

FTP on the October 22 Day Against Police Brutality in Vancouver
Action calling for justice for Jared Lowndes.
FTP, Feed the People

Since 1995, community activists in the US have designated October 22 as a day of action against police brutality, mobilizing against police violence in all its forms and raising calls for abolition. This year, actions will again be carried out in cities across the US. An action will also be held in Vancouver, in the context of the Canadian state. So far this year at least 84 people have been killed by police or died through interactions with police in Canada. Indigenous people are disproportionately victims of police violence, including killings by police.


With cannabis legalization, stigma persists, many drugs still criminalized

Cannabis being weighed. Photo: Add Weed on Unsplash

Medicinal cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2001, the result of public pressure. It had been illegal since 1923. And in 2018, cannabis, or marijuana, was legalized for recreational use. However, unresolved governmental and societal issues remain. And there is also the unaddressed status of other recreational drugs.

ANALYSIS: RCMP Use Bogus Suicide by Cop to Justify Constable Scott Hait Killing Rodney Levi

How is copaganda used to excuse killer cops?
RCMP car. Photo: RCMP in New Brunswick Facebook

Rodney Levi, a 48-year-old Mi’kmaq man, was shot and killed by New Brunswick RCMP Constable Scott Hait on June 12, 2020, while he was experiencing a mental health crisis in Metepenagiag First Nation (also known as Red Bank First Nation). Now the RCMP are trying to excuse the killing by using the deplorable and discredited “suicide by cop” narrative in the context of the inquest into the killing that began on September 28 at a hotel in Miramichi. Constable Hait shot Rodney Levi twice in the chest.


Suicide by Cop as Inquest Excuse