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Haiti: The flood (Lavalas) to break occupation

"New Haiti" is being established on the ruins of the old Haiti: A concentration camp under military rule, where maquilas are the only option for enslaved work

by Manuel Rozental

Photo by United Nations Photo cc2.0
Photo by United Nations Photo cc2.0

The obvious is now being stated daily from different angles and perspectives and supported by strong evidence. The occupation of Haiti for transnational Capital through the US and its allies is being implemented. Aid is a political, geo-strategic and military-terror tool with local and external impacts. On the ground, controlled starvation and despair are aimed at justifying the military presence and the racist arguments, while subduing the population to beg the uniformed masters for compassion at the expense of discipline, obedience and submission. Imagine becoming a beggar in your own country to a foreign occupation force for food, water, shelter, medical care, while having to express gratitude for the little bit that you finally get. In the meantime, the armed providers of aid receive their three rations and required protection and orders, while the world hails them as saviours. The Haitian Government is blamed for everything. Not only this one, but mostly Aristide and Lavalas.

A "New Haiti" is being established on the ruins of the old Haiti: A concentration camp under military rule, where maquilas are the only option for enslaved work. The Miami Herald front page report where everything intended is exposed on January 28th with an explicit justification of the occupation and its goals, including a picture of a Haitian maquila worker. Post-modern, transnational, corporate, financial, "free trade" slavery under the imperial rule of greed. This is clear and obvious.

From now on, further evidence and details will be exposed, while the regime establishes the Haiti model on the ground and beyond. Yes, beyond, because the occupation is not intended for Haiti but from Haiti. The experience acquiered has implemented this plan and the plan will become experience to expand. Propaganda, to impose a false, distorted and convenient image of terror and occupation turned aid, throughout the world, is being matured. Economic policies and projects are being implemented to exploit for profit at minimal costs with no resistance. Governance under the democratic rule of the invader and new rulers chosen by the oppressors and hailed by the enslaved victims. And a comprehensive Terror machine, which includes but is not limited to the military. It is within this context and for this project that people make donations, doctors do amputations and look after severe infections and the most skilled and experienced try to deliver food going around in circles without reaching those in need, as the Al-Jezeera report documented so clearly. The best of intentions and practices under the direct or indirect control of this imperial plan for enslavement. In essence, one looks after the victims within the concentration camp rules and conditions.

The challenge ahead must become obvious from the reality being recognized and exposed. How is assistance and solidarity to be delivered safeguarding and encouraging dignity and sovereignty, while arriving on time and being appropriate, in the presence of imperial occupation? How can the goal of resistance and sovereignty for the people of Haiti, from the people of Haiti, become a resistance movement from many and all possible spaces under occupation? How is Corporate Empire and the Haiti model to be understood in order to organize resistance to its expansion in the region and elsewhere (Cuba is the next door neighbour together with Venezuela and Nicaragua)? How should one engage in assistance and solidarity, yet not contribute to enslavement through aid? How can the minds, experience, commitment of the many who know, understand and want to engage be weaved into a collective effort that succeeds from a situation where it seems we cannot do much more than state the facts, denounce, accompany and denounce to one where we have plans, strategies and initiatives for resistance and freedom? How can we see through the false dilemmas and contradictions created and exploited by the occupying forces and use our different strengths and experience realistically from the ground and elsewhere to weave resistance, for and from Haiti? How do we react to our urge to be there without blinding ourselves to the needs beyond the immediate while responding to it?

Haiti must be free and for Haitians. Our collective freedom depends on this. How can we gather to transform denouncing into resistance and gather all voices and forces to expell the occupiers and free the slaves? Something is certain: if anyone can lead the way with solidarity and respect, that is the Haitian people who, driven into despair from misery, have resisted the horror intended to transform them into beasts and survive with dignity coming out of the rubble patiently to carry the weight of their immense pain as an example of a spirit and a strength that will not be enslaved.

Haiti is already free in the people of Haiti, hungry and abused as they are. The challenge is to let the flood pour out of there. Lavalas must flow beyond Haiti. We must gather and weave to let the flood flow.

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