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Climate Justice Montreal Releases "Beyond Parts Per Million: Voices from the frontlines of climate justice"

First edition highlights community struggles and makes the links between climate and social justice

by Cameron Fenton

Climate Justice Montreal Releases "Beyond Parts Per Million: Voices from the frontlines of climate justice"

Edmonton - At the fourth annual Everyone's Downstream conference, Climate Justice Montreal and members of the provisional comittee for the foundation of the Climate Justice Co-op, launched a new publication entitled Beyond Parts Per Million: Voices from the Frontlines.

Featuring accounts from frontline communities around the globe and connecting climate and social justice struggles, this project aims to amplify the voices of those people most impacted by environmental destruction and a changing global climate.

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Montréal m'impressionner beaucoup

Bien merci Montreal pour la bon travail sur la base de l'unité, la couverage, la couverage bilingue, etc. It's been really good to have Montreal on board.  You all are really bringing a lot to the national co-op's table.


The lawsuit from Aamjiwnaang members

Just to add some extra details to the Chemical Valley article - The lawsuit mentioned in the write-up actually is from two community members (via Eco-Justice), against Suncor and the Ministry of the Environment. But, at the same time, the lawsuit has much wider implications that hopefully will shake up more of the industries, and more of the government. Without any intention of misrepresenting the lawsuit (toward the one company, and one Ministry), the wider implications are what I emphasized in the article. And since it was written, I've already heard that at least one company has decided to set aside plans for a new operation in Chemical Valley, until after the lawsuit dispute is over -- which probably will be 5+ years from now. Also - Suncor is processing tar sands bitumen in Sarnia. The lawsuit is a response to the company's attempts to increase their output levels there. In Sarnia, Suncor is so close to the reserve that they use Aamjiwnaang's road as if it is their own -- while deterring the natives from visiting their own cemetary, which is surrounded by industry.

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