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Corporate Giants Wage War on Indigenous

by Kittoh

Corporate Giants Wage War on Indigenous
November 28, 2013

There are some mighty big players in the dramatic struggle unfolding in Mi'kmaq territory.  It's all about some mighty big deposits of oil and gas.  

Mega Cartel Irving "I Own it All"
Irving Oil operates the largest oil refinery in Canada with revenues over $1.3billion.  It's part of the Irving Group of Companies, those companies owned and controlled by the descendants of Canadian industrialist K.C. Irving, his children J.K., Arthur, and Jack (all 3 are billionaires) and their children.  They think they own pretty much everything in New Brunswick from personal care products to media to oil & gas to forestry products as well as the trains, trucks and fuel to move all the goods.  They are considered the second wealthiest family in Canada though the real extent of their assets is not known.

While working class Canadians are paying more and more taxes as well as higher prices for gasoline and heating fuel, corporate thugs like Irving Oil suck in the profits and stash their wealth in OFC's Offshore Financial Centres aka tax havens.

Irving Oil plan to expand their refineries and develop extensive oil and gas findings underneath Mi'kmaq people.  The concern is that they will poison the water and do irreparable harm to the land.

Irving Oil is a privately owned company and therefore doesn't have to report as much info as a publicly traded company must do.  Some of the Irving wealth is owned by FMW, based in Bermuda, a well known tax haven.  Irving Group, part of the globalist oligarchy, has no intention of sharing the proceeds of oil and gas development with the people of New Brunswick, especially the Indigenous people.

Enter RCMP Advisor, Wizard and Hypnotist Jim Potts
Recently, senior RCMP advisor, Jim Potts showed up in Rexton.  He wants to hypnotize the Mi'kmaq people so that the RCMP can then come in and roll over everyone.  Potts' job is to "pacify" the protectors of the land.  He uses regular references to Elders and Native legends to disarm the people and subdue any opposition.

Jim Potts, formerly of the RCMP and OPP, now retired, is advisor to police agencies. He claims to be an Ojibway from northern Ontario. He retired from policing in 2002. According to an Elder at Kahnawake, Potts falsely claims 12 years as a liaison officer with the Mohawk Warriors. He has pretended to act as a mediator during various major Indigenous disputes. In fact, he tries to stir up trouble.

He was the first Status Indian to receive a Commission in the RCMP's 125-year history. From 1996 to 1999, he was Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, at the University of Western Ontario. In 2002, he was rewarded for being a good colonial boy by being appointed "Officer of the Order of Merit" for Police Forces by the Governor General.

Jim is thrilled to take his oath to the Crown over and over again.  It's his mantra.

Potts testified at the Ipperwash Inquiry which subsequently made recommendations regarding police conduct during Indigenous "protests", defence of Mother Earth, or as Potts calls them "Aboriginal occupations and protests".  He published a paper with Don Clairmont, "For The Nonce: Policing and Aboriginal Occupations And Protests."  It's a slick piece of literature that twists ideas and uses a lot of double speak.   

Very little information is available online about Potts.  We found one video of him speaking in 2011.  (See link below)

Jim Potts is a teacher and propagandist who makes $$ as a consultant.  Most of his work is talking and he's adept at it.

Carrying Water to Ottawa and Jim Potts
Back in 2007, phoney police-led protests were unfolding near Sharbot Lake, ON ostensibly against uranium mining.

When the Ardoch and Shabot protesters were getting desperate for attention, they staged a media performance in late September. It was a clever concept but not original. The Ardochs paddled their canoes from Ardoch on the Mississippi River to the Ottawa River and thence to Ottawa. They carried with them a bottle of water dipped from the river at Ardoch. Select settlers accompanied Harold Perry and Randy Cota. The idea was to demonstrate how contaminated water from near the proposed uranium mine site would flow all the way to Ottawa affecting the drinking water of millions of people.  

Harold Perry and William Commanda, well known Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg elder, presented the water to Scott Reid, MP on the steps of Parliament.  (Reid is long-time member of parliament MP for Lanark Frontenac Lennox and Addington, Ontario, the riding where FVC Frontenac Ventures wanted to dig up uranium.) It was a grand media gesture. They also presented a declaration signed by Perry and Commanda to impose a moratorium on uranium mining in Algonquin territory.  Commanda’s involvement was evidently supposed to legitimize the Ardoch position and Harold Perry as its “elder”. Commanda, a nanogenarian [now deceased] who has traveled widely, is a fluent Algonquin speaker and historian of his culture. Perry is a developer entrepreneur who never learned Algonquin,
mainly because he is a Mississauga from Alderville, Ontario.

Randy Cota had been reassigned to Orillia “for his own good”. His mother begged the OPP to let him come home on weekends and special occasions.  This time he was not just along for the canoe ride. It appeared to us he was herding his faithful and trying to demonstrate to his higher ups how well he had the whole matter under control.

And “higher up” they were literally. On the very same day that the canoes arrived at Parliament hill, Jim Potts was chairing the National Aboriginal Policing Forum in Ottawa. Was he actually able to look out the window from the conference room at the Fairmont Château Laurier and SEE the event on the Hill? The timing was no accident.

The theme of the Forum, hosted by the Pacific Business and Law Institute, was the “Ipperwash Inquiry, what has happened since the Ipperwash Report and how we can expect its findings and recommendations to affect Aboriginal policing in Canada”. A perfect example of everything under control was the OPP-led protest going on outside.

The 2009 National Aboriginal Policing Forum took place at the same venue. The focus of the conference was organized crime, native gangs and drug-induced crimes. William Commanda opened the event, chaired once again by Jim Potts. Other invited guests included Phil Fontaine of the Assembly of First Nations, members of the RCMP and other police forces and François deLéséleuc of Public Safety Canada.

Potts is currently Ontario consultant for Kanata Intercultural Consulting Inc. along with Dr. Karen Mock who is active with Bnai Brith Canada.  Potts has written extensively on Indigenous “O&Ps (occupation and protest)”. He uses absurd phrases like “socialization agents” ( MELT Brian Heslip and ART Brandy Winter) and “measured response”. Does this mean measured killing or brutality?

He proudly refers to “the following five instances of best practices” [which in our view were bungled]:
1) the Red Hill Valley occupation in the Hamilton, Ontario area in the years 2002-2004,
2) the Day of Rage protest at Akwesasne, Ontario in 2001,
3) the Norway House Shooting incident in Manitoba in 2005,
4) the South-West Nova Scotia Fishery dispute in 1999/2000
5) and the RCMP's Lower Mainland initiative in 2003 to 2005.”

If these are examples of police “best practices”, we’d hate to see their worst.  It seems that everywhere Potts goes, there is more not less violence.  

Harold Perry and Bob Lovelace of the Ardochs objected in an interview to their "encampment" being called a blockade because they didn’t want to appear too adversarial. The word, "blockade" has military connotations.  Like Potts, they wanted to "facilitate what has been called "a web of mutual support" and a relationship of trust and confidence among police, protestors and those impacted by the incident". They might be able to reach an agreement that suits all parties as long as the Indigenous get beaten into submission.

Either you want to cash in on a uranium mine or oil and gas development OR you oppose a uranium mine, fracking and extracting because you believe it will devastate the land and watertable for the entire region for generations to come. There is no compromise in such issues.

The Algonquin protest was a bloodless coup, achieved by psychological warfare for the minds of everyone involved. The Algonquins and activist settlers were personally targeted for a supreme brainwashing to bring them onside. This process was stepped up dramatically with the arrival of MELT (OPP Major Events Liaison Team) and CPT (Christian Peacemakers Team).

If the Shoe Fits, Wear it
The events playing out near Elsipogtog follow a pattern seen in the phoney protests near Sharbot Lake.  The company sued the protesters over potential earnings and demanded court injunctions such as the one to make protesters stay back 250 meters from their equipment.  

The People are intimidated incrementally in such a way that panic does not take place because if the people panic then the police will use extreme force to demonstrate that they have everything under control.  When the screws are tightened gradually, the resisters may not feel the increased pressure until it is too late for them to respond in an effective way.

Sun Tsu in his Art of Warfare stresses the necessity of gathering intelligence on one's adversaries.  Knowing who's who and what they do is essential to effectively dealing with the Occupying Forces of Corporatism.

Whether or not you want to call this warfare is critical to how things turn out.  We need to recognize that it IS warfare being waged against us and not to lose sight of this fact while at the same time, exercising self discipline so as not to waste resources.  



Just follow the money trail as the wealth of Turtle Island continues to be carried away.  You can bet, Lizzy II gets her share.

Irving Group
The Irving Group of Companies is an informal name given to those companies owned and controlled by the descendants of Canadian industrialist K.C. Irving, namely his children J.K., Arthur, and Jack and their respective children.
Irving family wealth

According to the 2011 list of Canadians by net worth the combined net worth of the Irving family ranked third in Canada calculated with the net worth of Arthur Irving, James Irving and John Irving through Irving Oil Ltd. and J.D. Irving Ltd at $8.07 billion with no change from 2010. In 2008 the Canadian Business magazine's annual report on the wealthiest Canadians calculated that the Irving family combined wealth rose 34 percent from 2007 to $US 7.11 billion. Only the Thompson family, with a net worth is $US 18.45 billion, were wealthier [3] However, since the conglomerate is privately held and the family is private with respect to financial matters, no information on net worth is available. Observers have only the tangible values of real property and industrial assets upon which to base their estimates without any ability to assess the value of cash reserves or outstanding debt and obligations.

Offshore holdings

K.C. Irving fought many battles with the federal government over income tax, business tax and inheritance tax policies. In 1972, following a particularly tough series of battles, K.C. left Canada suddenly with his sons in control of the daily operations of the conglomerate, although he remained as majority shareholder. In her article in Financial Post published a day after the 2013 The International Center for Investigative Journalists offshore tax haven US$32-trillion industry story broke, [notes 1] described K. C. Irving as a "tax dodge pioneer", who established himself as a resident of Bermuda, "placed ownership of his empire into a series of tax-free Bermuda trusts" that have "never paid taxes to Canada."[4][1] [notes 2]From 1972 until his death, K.C. would visit New Brunswick for "6 months, less a day" each year. In 2010 Forbes magazine estimated that the Irving's net worth was $US4 billion. [1]
Irving is a cartel because of its control of all aspects of one or more industries, especially in New Brunswick on unceded Mi'kmaq territory:
    Irving Corporate
    Service Stations & Travel Plazas
    Cargo, Wholesale & Specialty Fuels
    Heating Oil, Propane, & Diesel Delivery
    Lubricants & Specialty Fluids
Irving Oil is affiliated with a number of related companies that extend and enhance our marketing reach and product diversity.
Irving Energy  Provides heating oil, propane, and diesel fuels to homes and businesses in Atlantic Canada and Northern New England.
Irving Blending And Packaging  Atlantic Canada's premiere liquid chemical blending, packaging, storage and marketing provider.
Cobalt Properties Real estate company that manages, expands and diversifies commercial properties.

Irving Oil has a number of Joint Ventures:
Canaport LNG  partnered with Spanish energy company Repsol to build Canada’s first liquefied natural gas terminal.

Alimentation Couche-Tard North American retail industry leader, jointly developed a convenience store retail partnership in Quebec. Recently, we extended our partnership to include 272 Irving Oil convenience retail sites across Atlantic Canada and New England, leased to Couche-Tard which operates the stores under its ‘Circle K’ brand. The fuel pumps and sites are Irving Oil branded, and Irving Oil supplies the fuel products to the sites. Of these stores, 125 are located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. The other 147 stores are located in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.

TransCanada  Together, we operate a 90 mega watt co-generation power plant at our Saint John Refinery.;jsessionid=0001TZv_...
J.D. Irving, Limited
300 Union Street
PO Box 5777
Saint John, NB  E2L 4M3
Telephone number: 506-632-5972

Description of activities:
Forest products company located in Eastern Canada with sawmills, woodlands and retail operations.;jsessionid=0001TZv_K...
Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada

J.D. Irving, Limited is a subsidiary of the following parent companies:  
FMW Company Limited
c/o Conyers Dill & Pearman
Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, PO Box HM 666
Hamilton  HMCX

J.D. Irving, Limited has the following subsidiaries:

    Atlantic Reyser Limited
    Atlantic Towing Limited
    Atlantic Wallboard Limited
    St. George Power LP
    Sunbury Transport Limited;jsessionid=E6B31824DD5500E3DFF1...
Conyers Dill & Pearman

Conyers Dill & Pearman is an offshore law firm. Founded in Bermuda in 1928 (although it can trace its roots back to 1903), the firm has subsequently opened legal practices in a number of other offshore financial centres, including the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Mauritius. It also has offices in a number of onshore commercial centres, including London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

This is a virtual list of OFC's Offshore Financial Centres commonly known as tax havens.


British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands


Hong Kong




Affiliated companies provide corporate secretarial services and specialised company management services. Conyers Dill & Pearman is affiliated with a global network of licensed trust companies under the umbrella of Codan Trust which undertake a broad range of trust administration services for private clients and corporations.

10 Dominion Street
United Kingdom

Conyers Dill & Pearman
Tel: +44 (0)20 7374 2444
Fax: +44 (0)20 7374 2445

Jim Potts
Jim Potts on YouTube:
The 5 Most Important Things In Life, Inspector Jim Potts
Don Clairmont and Jim Potts
A Background Paper Prepared for the Ipperwash Inquiry
August 2005

"Others attending the 2007 Aboriginal Policy Forum included Roger J. Augustine, Chief of Staff,
Assembly of First Nations; Keynote Speaker, Phil Fontaine, National chief
of the AFN; Chantal Bernier, Assistant Deputy Minister, Corrections and Aboriginal Policing Branch, Public Safety Canada who always has her dirty
fingers into indigenous affairs like at Kanesatake; Superintendent
Shirley Cuillierrier, National Aboriginal Policing Services, RCMP, Ottawa
and Mohawk from Kanesatake; Sam George, Member of Kettle & Stony Point
First Nation and one of Dudley George’s older brothers; Beverley K.
Jacobs, President, Native Women’s Association of Canada, Six Nations;
Chief Glen Lickers, Chief of Police, Six Nations Police Service,
Ohsweken. (Is he related to ART member, Don Lickers who sat around the
Robertsville mine site all summer?)"

See "A Calamity Threatens Your Happiness" by J. Kittoh Stanley, 2010

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